Are You Awake, Mister? - Bedroom Fantasies #66

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sexyland bedroom fantasy are you awake mister?

Are you awake, Mister?

Even if you're not, I'm still going to slide my hand up the length of your thigh until I feel you. My fingers begin to caress your sleeping balls of desire.
I gently squeeze...

I feel your body respond slightly in your dreamy state. I slide over next to you, with fire in my touch...I burn for You.

I whisper into your ear, "Are you awake, Sweet Sir? Because, I am..."

You lay quiet and motionless, with only the rise and fall of your chest to remind me that you are still with me, still spent from and dreaming of the unforgettable night before...

I splash your neck with warm lips, but it's not enough. My hand squeezes around you again...


I must taste you!

I am patient and act with intent, with every second building its way into an unstoppable explosion. Sensual magic.

I work my way down your neck, slowly. Each time I press my lips against your skin, I feel the electricity sparking. God, you smell so good! I take a deep breath of all that is your essence. I breathe out everything negative from within you. I move across your chest, pausing for a moment to feel your heartbeat against my cheek. I can hear your soul calling my name.

"Yes, Sir," my soul responds back. There are no words necessary.

I take your semi-stirred manliness in my hands, lean forward, and run my thirsty tongue across the top of your growing tower.


I feel my body tremble as I wrap my lips around you. Now, feeling the warmth of my mouth around you, I hear you let out a soft and short gasp, and I know you are waking. I quiver with anticipation. Soon, I know you will be mine. My mind starts racing and my heart is pounding.
I can feel the tide building within me...

I take you in my mouth, deeper and deeper, sliding, faster and faster, until I can feel your body jerk in small, spontaneous spasms, and I know that I have your undivided attention.

I lift my eyes to meet yours, watching you look upon me as I hungrily devour your now throbbing cock.

I rise to meet your lips, even more intense than your steely and penetrating gaze...

I know you're starving. I can feel it. I gently bite your bottom lip and with a devilish grin, I say, "Good morning, my Sweet Sir. What would you like for breakfast today?"

You grab my face with both hands, all of your primal urges raging. You force me onto my back with such tender rage, pin my arms to the bed, and utter but one word...


Submitted by SoulDiva from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

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