Always Wet For Him - Bedroom Fantasies #74

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Always Wet For Him - Bedroom Fantasies #74

He bends her over and runs his finger from her arse all the way down to her throbbing clit. Her pussy is always wet, waiting for his touch. She lets out a slight moan. He loves the effect his touch has on her. She leans back wanting more but he knows he isn't ready to give her what she wants yet. He wants to feel and taste her before he gives her that. He slides his finger up to the opening of her amazing pussy. What he wouldn't give to just slide his cock in and have his way with her...

As he slides his finger inside, he feels her muscles tighten around him, wanting more. As he slowly slides his finger out, she lets out a moan. He then pushes two fingers inside her and she arches her back, wanting to feel every bit of his rough hands. He slides them in and out a few times and on the fourth time, he leans over her and allows the tip of his tongue to flick her arse. She moans loudly and he smiles. 

On the next thrust into her increasingly wet pussy, he laps at her arsehole. The added pressure makes his fingers feel the tightening of her muscles.  He holds his tongue there and allows the tip of his tongue to move down to her pussy. First just letting her know it's there and then removing his fingers to push his tongue inside her. As his tongue flicks in and out of her, his soaking wet fingers make their way to her swollen clit, rubbing it lightly at first and adding more pressure with each lick of her fantastic taste… 

He feels her back arch and as she pushes her pussy against his lips, wanting more, all while her breathing becomes more rapid with each thrust of his tongue. She wants to cum so much. She begs him to fuck her. He then suddenly stops, leaving her glorious arse in the air. He gives it a slap and she flinches in ecstasy. It almost makes her cum. He positions himself behind her and guides his cock to her swollen pussy but only allows her to feel the tip of his cock. She moans and begs for more...

He loves making her wait...

As he squeezes her bright pink arse, he thrusts his cock inside her. With one hand positioned on her back he reaches up and gently wraps her ponytail around his hand. With each thrust he pushes deeper into her until he feels her body stiffen and push back. She lets out a loud moan of ecstasy as she finally releases herself to orgasm. He pulls slightly harder on her hair, which he knows she loves, as his own body shudders with the force of her orgasm. He can feel her pussy tighten around his cock. Fuck, she feels amazing.

After her thrusts soften, he allows himself to give in to the pleasure and feels that feeling in his balls. As he thrusts in her, he can feel his cock getting ready to cum...just one more thrust and he fills her already wet pussy with his cum. Cumming inside her is his favourite feeling ever. He slides in and out as her pulsating pussy milks his cock, being sure to not leave anything. He releases her hair and collapses on her back, breathing heavily. She slides off her knees to allow their entire bodies to entwine. As they lay there, both trying to catch their breath, she looks over her shoulder and says, "Ready for round two?"

Submitted by Lollie Jane from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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