Congratulations on being selected for Sexyland’s toy review program!

We are pleased to present this exciting opportunity to our carefully selected sex toy reviewers! Sexyland loves to hear what our customers think about the products we sell and the best way for us to gauge our customer's level of satisfaction is through our product reviews. We look at a variety of factors, including sales reports but our number one resource of information is YOU, our valued customer!  We want to hear about your experience(s) and how our products made you feel. Now that you have been selected to become one of Sexyland’s sex toy reviewers  please continue reading our Sex Toy Review Guide.

Be Specific

reviewing sex toys and other adult accessories is fun and exciting but with the fun
comes an important level of responsibility. The experiences you share have the potential to make a huge impact on the reader's choices. Not every person is going to respond to a toy the same way another person might. Everyone has their own individual needs and expectations. Because of this, it's especially important that you be as specific as possible about what qualities make or break it for you when writing your review(s).

Be Honest

Your feedback helps other people make informed decisions about the products they want to buy. Don't beat around the bush either. If the toy was awful, let's hear about it but if the toy made you scream from orgasmic bliss, we want to hear about that too. Naturally, we would like to think that every sex toy product we sell is going to get your pulses racing but we get it. Not every toy is created equally, therefore, not every experience is going to be climatic, let alone good. We want to know what did or didn't work and why.

Be Creative

We want to hear the nitty gritty, what the product does, how it feels, how you used it, etc. Did you share it with a partner and if so, how did they enjoy it? Would you recommend it to a friend? Creative writing skills are a huge plus! Make it interesting but keep it tasteful. While you might very well be making porn flicks at home using these products, explicit details are probably best left to the imagination.

Be Informative

The best reviews are those that provide information that answers potential questions someone else might have about the product. Consider what information is already provided on the product page and go from there. For example, if the product is advertised to be quiet, let us know if this was your experience. If it vibrates, how strong were the vibrations really? Was it too big, too small, not textured enough, etc? Did it live up to your expectations or did it fail miserably and why?

Don't Rush It

Try the toy out a few times before writing a review. You want to be sure you're not
feeling rushed, are comfortable and relaxed so that your experience is as genuine as possible. Remember, not everyone's experience will be the same as yours so make sure your review takes this into account.

Keep it Simple

Your review should be long enough to give an informative opinion but not so long that it loses the reader's interest. Try to keep it approximately 300 words in length. Stick to the key points and focus on the pros and cons of the toy. 

Key points of focus:

1. What does the toy do?
2. How was your experience with the toy?
3. What did you like or dislike most about it?
4. Would you recommend it to others?

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