V Is For Vampire

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V Is For Vampire

If you're in the mood to rattle some coffins, this week's featured sex position is sure to have you going at it like creatures of the night all night!

How to perform the V Is For Vampire sex position

Start off with the receiving partner on their back with their legs raised straight out, forming a V shape in the air. The receiver can hold onto their ankles for extra stability, or if they're really flexible, the penetrating partner can grab onto them and help to push them down next to their lover's head. We recommend stretching beforehand if you're going this route!

Why we love the V Is For Vampire sex position

This position is great for feeling every inch of each other, with ultra-deep penetration and super intense thrusting that's sure to shake the bats from the rafters. It's also great for face-to-face intimacy, hot making out, close-up dirty talk, and of course, love bites on the neck!

For extra stimulation, you can slip a vibrating cockring over the penetrating partner or toy, like this little horned number by Naughty Bits! This gold cockring has 10 tantalising vibration modes packed into its waterproof silicone body and is perfect for extra clitoral stimulation!


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