The Time Bomb - Intimate Fun for Mature Mums

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As much as we love them, there's nothing wrong with wanting the kids out of the house for a bit of private time, either alone or with a partner.

The Time Bomb - Intimate Fun for Mature Mums

If your offspring are old enough to have flown the coop for good, you've got a perfect opportunity on your hands for carefree, non-rushed sexual pleasure, but you might be at an age yourself where a lack of privacy isn't the main obstacle.

As we get older, we experience physical and emotional changes that impact our sexual encounters and experiences, like menopause, decreased libido, joint pain, or less flexibility in general. However, this doesn't mean you have to abandon all hope of getting off! All it takes is a little adaptation to accommodate your body's evolving needs...

This week's featured sex position is named after its promise of an explosion that you can time to perfection, possibly even to the elusive but totally-worth-it simultaneous orgasm if in an opposite-sex couple! The person in the driver's seat (so to speak) has most of the control and can adjust the speed of their movements to stay in sync with the penetrating partner, especially with the addition of fingers or sex toys.

How to perform the Time Bomb sex position

Have the penetrating partner sit down in a low chair with their legs relaxed. The receiving partner straddles them face-to-face with both feet on the floor. They then slowly lower themselves onto the erection, strap-on, or suction-cupped dildo with knees bent at a ninety-degree angle. They can start by letting just the tip enter, then proceed to lower themselves inch by inch until they're bearing all the way down on their partner's thighs for full penetration. From here, the receiver can grip the back of the chair or their partner's shoulders for support and repeat the up-and-down motions, or switch to grinding and gyrating.

Why the Time Bomb is a great position for older lovers

This affectionate pose is a great way to relieve stress on the back and invites maximum closeness of your upper bodies. This naturally encourages kissing, hugging, and caressing, plus neck or ear stimulation and dirty talk!

Don't forget that even if you're postmenopausal and unwanted pregnancy isn't a risk for you anymore, STDs affect people of all ages, so pick up some condoms before getting down to business.


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