The Swoon

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The Swoon

If you're fantasising about hot, passionate sex against the wall this Valentine's Day, then this is the sex position for you! It's the stuff straight out of romance novels and steamy movie scenes, and is suitable for beginners as well as experts — all you need to make it work are your bodies!

How to perform The Swoon sex position against a wall

Both of you start by standing face-to-face, with the receiver's back against the wall. They place their hands over their partner's shoulders and wrap one leg around their lover’s hips. Meanwhile, the giver uses one hand to support their partner's thigh from underneath, as well as getting better leverage to manoeuvre the angle for the smoothest penetration.

Why we love The Swoon position for upright sex

Not only is this standing sex position super hot with close face-to-face intimacy, it's also great for quickies in case you have a reservation to make since penetration is possible without even needing to undress! To spice things up a little (or a lot), an over-the-door sex swing can get one or both of the receiver's legs up off the ground while leaving the other person's hands totally free for, ahem, other activities. This over-the-door sex swing by Scandal has comfortable padded thigh and wrist cuffs, and comes in a lovely romantic pattern of red and black brocade to help set the mood...


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