The Stocking Stuffer

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The Stocking Stuffer

Make sure you get what you want in your Christmas stocking before the big day (or during, or after) with this week's featured sex position! It's great for deep penetration and can be performed without necessarily taking all your clothes off, just in case you need to squeeze in a quickie before returning to the festivities...

How to perform The Stocking Stuffer sex position:

Start with the receiving partner on an elevated flat surface like a table, countertop, desk, or bed. They can lie down on their back or sit up, depending on how flexible they are. The penetrating partner stands at the edge of the surface and holds their partner's legs straight up against their chest — if the receiver is wearing a skirt or dress, their underwear can be pulled to the side to allow access without needing to remove any clothing.

Remember how we said this would depend on how flexible the receiver is? If you really want to feel the stretch behind their knees, sitting up makes this position more intense! For even more penetrative pleasure and a great angle, the giver can lift under their lover's buttocks while the receiver uses their hands to hold themselves up (either flat on the surface or looped around their partner's neck).

For extra support, a sex sling can help hold the receiver's legs in place while keeping their neck comfortable with the padded pillow. This also reduces leg fatigue and lower back pressure so you two can enjoy this position more comfortably!


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