The Lap of Luxury

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The Lap of Luxury

Want that deep penetration while still being upright and facing each other? We respect that, you know what you want and won't settle for less! This week's featured sex position ticks all of the boxes and is a versatile option with plenty of different angles you can try to find your perfect spot!

How to perform the Lap of Luxury sex position:

Sit on a level surface facing each other, like a bed, couch, or the floor if your soft furnishings have a lot of give in them. The receiving partner can lean back slightly and raise their legs to rest on the giver's shoulders. The penetrating partner can stretch their legs out and hold onto the other person around the shoulder blades or waist for extra support.

Why we love the Lap of Luxury sex position:

This position lets you two maintain intimate eye contact while the action is happening downstairs and lets you both enjoy a delicious view of each other's torsos heaving with pleasure! You can also vary your leg positions to align your genitals for your perfect angle and penetration. Help things glide more smoothly with the aid of some slick and slippery lubricant like the Wicked® Simply - Aqua Jelle! This water-based lubricant gel has a lovely, viscous texture that's thicker than most other lubricants for a super long-lasting effect that's sure to keep things flowing in the heat of the moment without need for reapplication...


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