The Ice Cream Sundae

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The Ice Cream Sundae

With the warm weather fast approaching, it's the perfect time to treat your partner to something sweet and tasty: you of course! This week's featured sex position is great if you love the idea of food play and incorporating flavour into your bedroom fun without needing to worry about getting anything sugary down there...

How to perform The Ice Cream Sundae sex position:

Start with all of your melty foodstuffs ready to go nearby — we're thinking whipped cream, melted chocolate, ice cream, maple syrup, you get the gist. Consider putting down a protective towel or sheet before beginning. Once your area is set up, the receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner facing each other, cowperson-style. If you're both happy with the position and penetration, the person on top then leans their head to the side to give their partner access to their neck, ideal for drizzling whatever you like on the skin. From here, the partner underneath can enjoy kissing, licking, sucking, and nibbling it off their playmate (including if it drips down to their chest and nipples) while leaving both people's hands free to roam! 😏

Keen to try this fun sex position out? Sexyland recommends grabbing something like the Scandal® Super Sheet to protect your surfaces and furnishing from any errant drips, spills, or fluids so you can indulge your wettest, wildest dreams worry-free.


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