The Double Dip

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Ever dreamed about having a threesome?

The Double Dip - Sex position of the week

You're not alone. A 2018 survey of more than 4,000 people showed that a whopping 87% of women and 95% of men have have fantasised about multi-partner sex! Not only that, but modern relationship evolution has seen an increase in couples where one or both members are bisexual, couples in open relationships, and polyamorous couples. It seems only fitting that we'd run a threesome position eventually, right? 😉

The Double Dip has one giving partner that penetrates two receiving partners, so it works best with group formations like FFM (two females and one male), or FFF (three females) with a strap-on. We recommend practicing safe sex by ensuring you have condoms nearby and that all parties have a clean bill of health so you can get into the fun with no worries!

How to perform the Double Dip sex position in a threeway

One receiver takes the middle spot on their hands and knees, leaving room for the other receiver to fit below them, facing each other. While the lucky people in the middle kiss and play with each other, the third partner assumes the doggy-giving position behind the middle person and goes to town, switching between the two receivers as they please.

Why we love the Double Dip threesome sex position

In addition to the undeniable thrill of a threeway, the two partners on the outside get a fantastic view of the whole thing and the middle partner enjoying themselves!

And speaking of the middle partner, they're the centre of attention in this position and get to enjoy a little bit of everything  passionate making out with one partner and deeper penetrative sex from the other? What's not to love?

For some extra fun, one or both receiving partners can try a little double penetration with a butt plug! Sexyland has a great range of butt plugs with bejeweled ends, and you can get a matching pair or a mix for more variety. This is perfect if the penetrating partner loves the idea of seeing pretty crystal gems winking back at them as they enjoy the sights...


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