The Cliff Diver

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Who says you can't deep dive into pleasure together while giving yourself the most fun workout of a lifetime?

Sex Position of the week - The Cliff Diver

The Cliff Diver sex position has long been popular within the gay male community, but anyone can pull it off with the right toys and tools! While this position normally requires the giver and receiver to have a decent amount of lower body strength and upper body strength respectively, there are ways you and your partner can enjoy the Cliff Diver, even if you're not in the best of shape.

How to perform the Cliff Diver sex position

Start off in doggy-style, with the receiving partner on all fours and the giver kneeling behind them. For couples who are confident in their physical strength, the top can penetrate their partner at this point, either anally or vaginally. They then slowly stand up, lifting their lover with them by the thighs or waist to form a sort of wheelbarrow shape. From here, the bottom wraps their legs around the top's back or buttocks and the fun can begin! For extra-deep penetration and intensity, the bottom can bend their knees forward and hook just their feet behind their partner.

Really want a fitness challenge? Try switching up the orientation of the receiver by having their body face the ceiling instead of the ground! You might find the angle more manageable if they put their ankles on the giver's shoulders.

For couples who need an extra boost to pull off either version of the Cliff Diver comfortably, have a chair or bed that's the right height nearby so the receiver can rest their knees or shins on it. This helps to support the bottom, taking the strain off their arms and lightening the weight the giver has to hold up while they thrust. This also gives you two the option to start penetration after the top has helped to position the receiver instead of before, if you prefer.

Why the Cliff Diver is a must-try sex position

The Cliff Diver offers excellent intimacy thanks to the deep penetration it allows and the co-operative nature of the position. The giver has all the control, which is great for those of you with a dominant streak you like to indulge every now and then. You can spice it up with a cockring for a longer-lasting erection, more stimulation, and intensified orgasms!

Lesbian couples can perform this position with the help of a strap-on, single- or double-ended depending on your stimulation preferences. There are also plenty of vibrating options if you really want to ramp up the fun...


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