Silence of the Lambs

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Silence of the Lambs

Want to bring a classic scary movie to life in the bedroom? This bondage sex position will have you channelling those behind-bars vibes behind closed doors and is sure to spice up your spooky season...

How to perform the Silence of the Lambs sex position

For this sex position, you'll need a gag of some kind and two pairs of wrist cuffs or a set of under-bed restraints, depending on whether you're working with a chair, a bedframe with bedposts, or just a mattress. You'll also want a non-verbal safeword cue ready to go, like holding your keys in your hand and jingling them to signal your partner.

Getting into position is pretty simple: the person wearing the gag lies back, either on the bed or in a chair, and crosses their arms over their chest like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. Their lover then cuffs their wrists in place with your restraints of choice and can take over the pleasure from there!

Why we love the Silence of the Lambs sex position

This position works for either partner, regardless of whether you're giving or receiving. It all just depends on what you want your experience to be, which of you is most comfortable with being gagged and restrained, and/or who wants to be the dominant one.

Need inspiration for your kinky equipment? We're big fans of the Scandal® Hidden Pleasure Ball Gag for its resemblance to Hannibal's muzzle, as well as the hidden ball to muffle the wearer behind the elegant red and black brocade panel.

For cuffs that work with chairs or bedposts, we think these Western Tipped Leather Cuffs from Love in Leather are a nice nod to Clarice's West Virginia roots.

No bedposts? No problem. The Fetish Fantasy Series Bed Bindings Restraint Kit slips under your mattress and is adjustable to reach over all 4 corners without needing bedposts, or even a bedframe!


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