Downward-Facing Delight

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Downward-Facing DelightThis week’s featured sex position is a classic for a reason! Doggy-style is one of the most well-known and commonly practised sex positions between partners in all gender pairings thanks to how easy it is to perform and how good it feels!

Traditionally, doggy style involves two partners, with the receiver on their hands and knees while the giver kneels behind them and thrusts. One of the many great things about doggy style is that the giver has their hands and mouth free to explore the receiver's body, giving you plenty of ways to spice things up! You can start with gentle touches over the chest and front of the genitals, or if you both like it a little rougher, you can graduate to hair pulling, spanking, or a hand around the neck (if you’re both into breath play). The giver can also lean over and align their body with their partner’s for more body contact, which also puts them in a fantastic position for whispering dirty talk into their partner’s ear and biting their back, shoulders, and ears!

Some top toy choices to add to this position include wearable C-shaped vibrators if the receiver has a vulva and clitoris, or a prostate stimulator + cock ring combo if the receiver has a penis. At Sexyland, we’re big fans of the We-Vibe Sync 2 and The Vibe Perineum & Prostate Vibrator from Rocks-Off® since they both have flat undersides on the insertable part, leaving room for the penetrating partner to enjoy those delicious vibrations too!


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