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This week, we explore a classic go-to sex position — missionary with a twist! This shape is also more formally known as the modified coital alignment technique (CAT) as it focuses on clitoral stimulation by aligning both partners’ bodies to offer mostly external stimulation, with some penetration if you desire. Instead of focusing on in-and-out thrusting, CAT is all about vertical movement and rubbing, which shifts the focus from vaginal penetration to creating pleasurable friction for clitoral stimulation (usually with clitoris grinding against the shaft of the penis or toy)

This position is fantastic for women and vulva-owners who find it difficult to climax through penetration alone, and since this position isn’t really about penetration, it can also help curb premature ejaculation, fostering longer-lasting sex and deepening your connection together.

To get in position, the bottom partner should lie on their back and fully extend their legs with them slightly parted. The other partner should then slide on top between their partner’s legs with their body raised slightly higher than in the usual missionary position. Generally, it’s easier to achieve alignment with the top partner’s chest level with the bottom partner’s shoulders.

Once you’re aligned, the top partner can carefully rest their weight onto the bottom partner, which will create more friction between your genitals. From here, the top partner can slowly enter the bottom partner, using just the tip so the shaft of the penis or toy rests against the outside of the vagina. Then, begin an up-and-down rocking motion to allow for slight vaginal penetration while the shaft rubs against the clitoris.

Communication enhances all sex positions, but in this shape, it’s a must as unlike other sex positions, this is one that is best enjoyed with a slow, controlled pace. Everyone’s body is different, so trying to connect two unique bodies by finding the exact alignment may take some time, as well as trial and error. Enjoy this process and have fun while doing so! The coital alignment technique is famous for a reason, so it’s one to try and keep on rotation once you perfect your alignment. If you’re looking for a toy to add to the mix and assist in perfecting this shape, try a vibrating cock ring like Leto’s S-Ring! This ring has a small profile so it won’t get in the way of things and adds 10 vibration patterns to the mix to spice up the fun…


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