3 Things You Need To Know About Sex During Pregnancy (Plus the Fun Bits Nobody Told You About)

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3 Things You Sexyland Blog - Need To Know About Sex During Pregnancy

Whether you think pregnancy is stressing or a blessing, there is no denying that it’s a time of change – and not just for your body.

Plenty of aspects of life are changing right now, from your diet (pickles and ice cream, anyone?) to a total rearrangement of your long-term priorities. Your relationship with sex is also going to evolve during your pregnancy, and with so many hormones surging through you, it can be hard to know when something unexpected is a normal part of being pregnant or cause for concern. Here’s the lowdown on some common pregnancy sex phenomena women experience and which ones to worry about.

Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy?

First thing's first: yes, it is safe to have sex when there’s a baby on the way, as long as your pregnancy is going smoothly and your medical professional of choice hasn’t advised against it. Your little bundle of joy is well-protected by your uterus’ strong muscles and is sealed off in an amniotic sac, so you don’t have to worry about potentially harming your bub while having sex. However, if you’re a fan of particularly rough stuff, consider taking it easy and enjoying slower, gentler sex, or even giving non-penetrative sex a go. If you or your partner(s) are having sex with multiple people, remember to use condoms to protect yourself and your baby from STIs.

If in doubt, always consult your doctor if you’re unsure about whether or not certain sexual activities are allowed in your condition. It’s also important to clarify if they only mean penetrative sex or all sexual stimulation – you might as well make the most of what’s on the table (or in bed)!

Increased or decreased sex drive while pregnant

Being pregnant comes with a rush of hormonal changes that can send your sex drive plummeting or skyrocketing. This is particularly noticeable during the first and second trimesters where morning sickness is running rampant and your new curves are emerging. You may also notice your pelvic floor becoming tighter or increasing in self-lubrication, which could make penetrative sex uncomfortable...or the only thing you can think about.

It’s normal to be feeling a bit all over the place, and it can be helpful to have a discussion with your partner(s) to make sure they’re prepared for your horniness levels to yo-yo all over the place for a while. If one or more of you aren’t in the mood for sex or it just isn’t practical at the time, it’s worth figuring out which of the 5 love languages suits you and your partner. After all, sex is not the only intimate way to express your affection for each other. Remember to be patient with each other, and while it may be frustrating to not be able to have sex, the frustration won’t last forever. 

If a partner is unavailable or not in the mood for sex, masturbating while pregnant is A-okay and a great way to relieve stress. Why not give yourself a helping hand with the cult-favourite Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Clitoral Stimulator? Sexyland’s customers can’t get enough of this globally beloved sex toy! This ergonomic device has 11 heavenly air pressure wave modes that offer contactless stimulation that won’t overwhelm the sensitive tissue of your clitoris and doesn’t involve inserting anything into your vagina.

Pregnancy sex feels better or is less enjoyable than before

As your body changes, you may find that the most reliable tricks in your bedroom repertoire just don’t do it for you anymore. There may also be some discomfort, such as cramping during or after sex. Give yourself a chance to recover with some rest and relaxation, or use a heating pad to warm the affected area until the discomfort passes. We strongly encourage you to consult your medical professional of choice to make sure your pregnancy is moving along as it should and see if anything can be done to manage your discomfort.

Sex positions that were old favourites might need some adjustments to feel comfortable, especially with increased sensitivity downstairs, tender breasts, and a growing baby bump. Our favourite position for pregnancy sex that is as intimate as it is comfortable is a spooning position, where the two of you lie on your sides and your partner penetrates you from behind. This is perfect for loving caresses across your bump and breasts, neck nuzzling, sweet nothings whispered in your ear, plus all that skin-to-skin contact from head to toe.

For something a little more raunchy, you can try getting on your hands and knees and using pillows to support yourself for doggy-style that doesn’t put as much strain on your joints. Or you can let yourself take charge by getting on top, which gives you control over depth and speed of penetration.

Oh, and if you think orgasms are fun now, wait until all the extra blood flow down there intensifies all your sensations! During pregnancy, orgasms may feel more powerful, last longer, and might even result in more than one!

Whatever kind of sexy fun is practical for you during pregnancy, with or without a partner, remember to take the time to make yourself feel good as you nurture the growing life inside you. After all, pretty soon you’ll have a new member of the family to devote all your energy, time, and love to!

This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Sexyland is a proud advocate for fun and safe sex, but we strongly urge you to seek medical advice from your doctor or health professional if problems occur.


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