Spoonville - A Great Position For Mums-To-Be

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In celebration of Mother's Day, the next few Sex Position of the Week posts will be focusing on positions that are great for expecting mums, new mums, busy mums, and mature mums!

Spoonville - the comfortable spooning sex position on your side for pregnant mothers-to-be

Just as the trend of 'Spoonville' gained popularity over lockdown, so too did sex in a spooning position! We suspect this was because couples who were quarantining together got so comfortable with cuddling all the time they decided it was too comfy to move out of that position, or they were super tired from having fun in other positions (but that's to be expected when you're spending months together).

Spooning gets a negative rap for being a 'lazy' sex position but it can be so much more than that! It's cosy, intimate, and easy on the joints, especially for expectant mums with growing baby bumps.

How to have sex while spooning

To get into place, both partners lie on their sides and face the same direction. The receiving partner can draw their knees up slightly to make it easier for the penetrating partner behind them to enter them, and that's pretty much it!

Why sex in a spooning position is great

The skin-to-skin contact is unrivalled since your bodies are pressed against each other from the neck down to your feet, and this also means the receiving partner can feel every single inch of their partner (or the strap-on in the case of same-sex couples), if you catch our drift. That side-by-side physical closeness also allows for so many extra ways to provide even more sensation and stimulation. We're talking nipple tugging and clitoris stroking by either partner, breath play, neck or ear kissing...

Sorry, we're getting carried away. But that just goes to show how much you can do with such a simple position! You can spice it up in a number of ways, such as experimenting with leg placement — we love the manoeuvre where the receiving partner raises their top leg in a bent angle and their lover hooks their arm around it from underneath for more leverage and thrusting power. You can also add a clitoral stimulator to treat a pregnant partner in front to ultimate pleasure. After all, her body is changing to accommodate new life, and a happy mum means a happy bub!


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