Wedding Day - Bedroom Fantasies #103

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Wedding Day - Bedroom Fantasies #103

It's the day of our wedding and I'm so excited to marry this man. I'm even more excited to sneak off while the guests are heading to the reception to fuck my new husband. I sit here on the hotel bed and feel the wetness between my thighs. I look at the dress and decide to surprise my husband by wearing nothing but the blue gem butt plug — after all, a girl has to have her something blue on her wedding day.

Normally his tongue would be in my ass to get it nice and wet for the butt plug to just slide in but I guess the watermelon-flavoured lube will have to do. He can lick it off later. It slides right in so I step into my wedding dress and call my sister in to come and do me up.

We get to the church and with every step, the butt plug is making me wetter and wetter. Forgive me, Father, for I will sin. The things this man does to me would make the Devil himself blush. He turns around and I see his devilish grin. We manage to get through the ceremony calmly, although the butt plug is putting pressure on all the right places and I am ready to have him inside me.

It's photo time and the photographer is a very good friend of ours. She takes the photos and when the guests have headed to the reception, I ask her to get a photo of his face when I tell him what I'm wearing, or should I say, what I'm not wearing. His primal instinct takes over and he sends her to the reception and pushes me against the church wall. He slides my dress up and pulls his rock-hard cock out. I don't know what's harder, the brick behind me or the feel of his cock inside my dripping wet pussy. He digs his fingertips into my thighs with every pump and sends me over the edge, my pussy pulsing around his hard cock. With a deep growl, he releases a hot, thick load inside me. That was by far the best quickie of my life.

We head to the reception and I blush as our family welcomes us and congratulates us. We dance, eat, and enjoy the reception but all I can think is how bad I want to get him alone and have him dominate the fuck out of me.

Finally, it's time to go and when we get to the hotel, there is a note for us on the bed with a bag: Have fun you kinky cunts, enjoy the honeymoon, enjoy the goodies xx

My best friend has obviously been in here after the ceremony. We open the bag and see a spreader bar, blindfold, whip, and cuffs. He growls and throws me on the bed. He stares at me with a wicked look and strips me off, blindfolds me, flips me over, and cuffs me.

"You're going to be a good girl and do as I say. Each time you ignore me, you get whipped, okay?"

"Okay," I say.

"Let the games begin." He puts the spreader bar on, pushes me on my knees and pushes my cheek down into the mattress with each pump. I'm shaking with every movement. "Please take the butt plug out and fuck my ass," I beg. He doesn't say anything, he just removes the butt plug and whips my ass and I scream. Not being able to see, I didn't realise that's what he was going to do! It felt amazing though...

He slams into my ass and I quiver with pleasure. It takes all of 30 seconds to make me squirt, which just sends him over the edge and he fucks me harder until he pulls out. He flips me over, then I hear him growl and feel something warm all over my tits. Even blindfolded I know he has just cum all over my tits.

I love this man and his cock...

Submitted by Tabitha from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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