The Housemates - Bedroom Fantasies #86

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The Housemates - Bedroom Fantasies #86

It is another wet and dreary day in Melbourne. I'm keeping warm under the grey quilt of my queen bed and my housemate starts texting me. We end up telling one another how much we miss having sex. The next time I have sex with a girl again, she is going to be in a lot of trouble. Winky face emoji. After reading that text message, I could feel the excitement rise inside of me. When you tease me like that, I can no longer hide how much I want you. My thumbs move quickly to ask what turns you on. A yellow square pops up on my phone screen that says I love lingerie.

I have a lingerie collection that continues to grow, so I find a black body harness that will get his attention. It starts off with a black collar around my neck and a strap that goes between my bouncy breasts. From the black strap around my hourglass waist, my inner thighs are tightened into place with double straps. I have a black G-string on, but it is a present that I want you to open up. After I feel the black harness against my soft olive skin, I fall back into bed and I find my pair of jeans next to me. I lift my legs up to glide both legs into the jeans, my bottom rises to zip and fasten my jeans. My body feels warm and I haven't put on a jumper yet. My purple cord jumper hides the black collar attached to my lingerie. I giggle to myself and check the time on my phone, 7:00 PM. It is time for the movie night with my housemate.

I walk down to the other end of the house and knock on the door. My housemate opens the door and lets me inside his open plan bedroom. I sit on a brown couch and he clicks on the film that we will watch on Netflix. His brightly coloured tattoo-sleeved arm is around my back, but I want to get comfortable. So I decide to place my head on his lap and I can feel that his knees are apart. My head lands on his penis. My cheeks go pink because I feel a little embarrassed, but he doesn't say anything. His fingers move up my back and his fingers start to curl once he can brush through my long black hair. My eyes roll back in bliss because I adore my head being petted. He continues to run his fingers through my hair. I start to feel his fingers slow down and the pressure on my hair pulls my head back. My eyes clamp shut and I let out a light moan. He has a handful of my long hair in his grip and I can no longer watch the movie in front of me.

He says to me, "I noticed that you like your hair being pulled." I look up at him, admiring the deep brown eyes behind his thick black glasses. I nod my head, his soft gentle gaze draws me closer and he starts to kiss me. His brown beard strokes my face with each turn from our lips together. I lift my head up from his lap and I move my legs around his waist on the couch. My fingers brush through his beard and I begin kissing him. He bites my lower lip and I purr with joy. I bite his lower lip and I move myself towards his ear. My tongue follows the round curve shape of his ear. I lightly bite his ear and make my way to his earlobe, where I suck and nibble on it. I hear a murmur of pleasure enter my ear.

I turn to face my housemate and his face moves towards my neck. His lips touch my neck and he sucks on it. I moan and whisper to him that he can bite me. His teeth imprint my neck, but I tell him to bite me harder. I moan louder and he uses his hands to place me back on the couch. He pulls my legs apart and I feel his erect penis against my jeans. He takes his t-shirt off and unzips his jeans. He leaves his grey briefs on and I can see the outline of his long penis. My vagina throbs at the sight before me. I want to lick his slim chest and run my fingernails down his back. He helps me pull off my jumper. I help him undo my jeans and he removes them from my legs. Suddenly, he sees what I'm wearing. I arch my back for him to get a better view of the black kinky lingerie.

"Wow, you look hot in this," he says as I pose on the couch and move my thighs apart.

"I had a feeling that you would like this," I say with a cheeky grin on my face.

He lowers himself between my legs, moves the G-string aside and starts licking my clit. His tongue moves up and down my clit. I squeeze my inner thighs around his face to tighten the pressure on my clit. From the shaking of my feet, my legs and thighs start to vibrate together. I let out a satisfying moan and my body sinks into relaxation. My housemate rises up from between my legs and sits back down on the couch. As I sit back on his lap, I press my pussy against his cock. We kiss one another much faster, our tongues moving quickly into each other's mouths. From the pace of our kissing, his hard cock grinds faster along my clit. I can feel that my wet pussy has soaked his grey briefs. I lower his underwear to lick the pre-cum from the tip of his hard cock. I bite my lip in anticipation.

"It's normal for housemates to end up sleeping together, right?" he asks.

"Well, I knew I was going to fuck you."

I take his hand and I place his finger on my bottom lip. I move my lips apart and I pull his finger inside my mouth. I suck on his finger so tightly that his body shivers and I feel his cock almost inside me.

"Let's go to the bedroom." He gestures towards the room in front of us. He takes me by the hand and I follow him. I crawl onto the white sheets and push my arse up for him. He strokes the curves of my petite arse with his fingertips, then holds the G-string to bare my arse and pussy. "I must fuck you wearing this," he exclaims as my pussy tightly grips his cock inside me.

Submitted by Bri from Chadstone, Victoria, Australia

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