Shopping Sex Spree - Bedroom Fantasies #104

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I watch her quickly walk into the store. She goes straight to the lace thong section and hurriedly picks a size. I unpick another button on my shirt, ensuring my cleavage is visible and then I sway over to her in my skin-tight, hip-hugging skirt. Upon closer inspection, this girl is nervous. I know her type: soft butch. I don't think she's shopping for her. She has a bit of style but is coy about the kind of fucking she likes. She normally has lots of control of the situation but in here, where it's floor to ceiling of panties, bras, and thongs, she's putty in my hands.

I move closer to her and put my hand on the small of her back. "Do you need any assistance?"

She mumbles something about a girl, needing to choose some lingerie for a gift.

I need this girl. She's sexy. This store throws her inhibitions and I like it. She has a perfect jawline and hair. I want to mess it up and grab a fistful of it while she's on top of me, grinding a strap-on.

She's clearly in a hurry to meet someone or perhaps she's just quietly nervous about being surrounded by lingerie and toys that could satisfy her wildest can I convince her that I'm what her body needs?

I take control of the situation. "What colour lingerie are you after? Is it something simple or are you after something a little more risqué?" I keep my hand on the small of her back to remind her that I'm there to assist her every need.

"Um, something maroon and risqué I guess." She begins to shy away but then flashes me a small smile from the corner of her lips.

I reach my arms up high towards the top rung of merchandise, stretching my body and protruding my ass, hoping she steals a glance at my figure.

It works. As I pull down a maroon lace basque set with a push-up bra, I notice her staring at my hips. I wasn't expecting to catch her eyes there but I'm glad I did. "How does something like this appeal to you?"

Shopping Sex Spree - Bedroom Fantasies #104

She casts her eyes over the set I'm holding and surprisingly, she says, "I'm actually hoping for an open back bodysuit with lace."

I reach back to the top of the racks to replace the set I pulled down and I feel her hand lightly caress the bottom of my right ass cheek. Is she flirting with me? It's her lucky day — I'm wearing something that I think she's looking for. I look her straight in the eyes and say 'follow me'. She obliges and I lead her toward the back of the store. I start to show her the piece that I have on and then see that she's wearing a strap-on! Maybe it's for the person she's buying the lingerie for, but I don't care.

"Fuck me," I beg her. She drops her pants and lifts me around her hips, allowing the thick cock to press on my cunt. I make sure I'm holding on to her so I can ride this girl hard. She slides my panties to the side and begins to thrust into me, ensuring I slide deep onto the hard cock. I begin bouncing on her as I'm pressed up against the wall, all while hearing people come into the store. I'm moaning quietly. Breathing heavily. Begging her silently to fuck me. She's got a good rhythm going and I'm dripping wet. I'm going to cum. "Fuck me faster," I beg. With that, she thrusts hard and I come all over her strap. I feel my muscles throbbing as I finish. I exhale.

Submitted by Tara from Altona Meadows, Victoria, Australia

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