She is Not in Control Here - Bedroom Fantasies #53

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She is Not in Control Here - Bedroom Fantasies #53

She lies on her bed, naked. She is blindfolded, her hands are bound together by a silk scarf. The lusciousness of silk feels sublime against her skin, yet it is unyielding. She feels so helpless, she is questioning if she should go through with this, she starts to speak, but then stops. 

If she speaks, the spell will be broken. She is wavering, on the verge speaking and then it happens, that first contact. Her skin tingles as she feels light butterfly kisses against her neck. Slowly, they start trailing down, past her breast, then across her stomach. She reaches for his hair, which tickles as it slides across her skin, but a firm hand takes hers and guides them back down. 

She is not in control here. She has passed that to him and only He decides what she gets to feel. His strong hands gently move her legs into his desired position, her thighs rest easily against his broad shoulders. His hands now sit comfortably on her hips and there’s a moment of utter stillness before his lips envelop her, nerve endings spark with anticipation as the barely perceivable negative pressure heightens her sense of touch.

It starts so sudden, but takes far too long in coming as his tongue slowly explores her soft and yielding folds. Slowly he traces the shape of her with his tongue, until the very tip flicks across the top of her clitoris. With this, a shock of excitement rips through her body. Reflexively, her hips come up searching for more, but his hands press them back down gently, but with finality. She must remember, she is not in control here.

Submitted by Colin from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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