My Partner & My Domme - Bedroom Fantasies #97

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My Partner & My Domme - Bedroom Fantasies #97

I arrive at the house of my Domme. My partner is already inside and she's worked out a plan for our play with him. Before I can say hello, pink silicone lips are popped in my open mouth. I'm told to be a good little fuck toy. I have to look the part.

As I step inside, she instructs him to pull the cord on my wrap dress and it drops to the floor, leaving me naked except for my heels and a thick silver chain necklace.

He lifts up each of my wrists and attaches a cuff to them, then clips a leash to my necklace, followed by tiny pink clamps on my erect nipples. The chain between them is cool on my skin as I'm led over to the sofa. The Domme bends me over the arm of the chaise, spreading my legs while my partner is told to lubricate me and they choose a plug to insert. It's bigger than last time and they're talking about me like I'm merely a toy for their amusement.

They both take turns spanking my bare arse and admiring the pink handprints. I can feel the difference in their touch. I'm told to stand with my legs apart while ankle cuffs are attached and each cuff is chained to the necklace.

I've agreed to be their slave for the day as his birthday gift. And I'm excited to see what's in store. Next to the bed is a table with Dragons and paddles and a spreader bar, as well as a box with a ribbon on it.

I'm guided to the bed to lay with my head over the edge. My legs are spread and clipped into a chain so they are above my shoulders, exposing my ass and I'm sinking into bliss.

The Domme is using pegs on my pussy lips and taping them open, talking to him about how she's going to teach him to use me, every hole trained to take as much as I can stand.

He takes each wrist and spreads my arms out to the side, pinning me to the bed, and they're making teasing remarks about the look on my face. They're enjoying teasing me, discussing the toys and their moves just quietly enough I only catch part of it.

She gets out the duct tape and tells him to rest the vibrating wand on my clit and tape it in place — so I'm wet and on the edge — and she paddles my arse if I wiggle. My eyes are closed, just drinking in the feeling of the vibrations through my body, so I barely notice my partner take my head in his hands, tilt it back, and slide his cock deep into my throat.

He's telling her his dream is to give me my 'airtight' fantasy and he asks the Domme to start working her fingers into my pussy until I can take her whole fist. It's tight because of the large plug already inside of me. She's thrusting into me in time with him. It's divine and intense and I don't know if I can handle it without being allowed to orgasm.

Once he cums inside of me, they pause. The cuffs are unclipped, the wand removed, but I'm merely turned over into arse up. My ankles are attached to a spreader with my pussy still open. Her fist plunges into me easily now. He gently removes the plug and uses his fingers to lubricate and stretch my anus.

She shows him how to use the inflatable plug to fill me up and train me to take bigger toys inside me without resisting. They use different toys and watch how I respond to reach. He's loving this, knowing that he's also giving me what I crave.

Again, they push into me in perfect time with each other, both holes filled in rhythm with my moans. She tells him to try his fist in my pussy while she gets under me and grabs my hair, lifting up my face and burying it between her legs. The silicone lips are plucked from my mouth and she's telling me to suck her clit.

His fist is inside me and a dildo is in my arse, both moving around. My hips will ache tomorrow but right now, it's heaven.

Suddenly she stops and I can breathe. She moves around to paddle my arse while he's pummelling me with a fist and the toy. My legs are shaking and I beg to lay down, but I'm only spanked harder and told to take it.

Then he removes his fist and the toy and gently slides his cock into my arse. How easily it fits, he comments to her. My body has no ability to resist. He's going to cum so hard and I'm exhausted, wanting the release. She's still prowling and spanking my clit and arse with her crop, everywhere hurts and tingles. Everything feels so intense.

When he does cum, I'm allowed to collapse on the bed. I lay there thinking it's over but I'm rolled onto my back, my knees lifted apart. Velcro is placed around my legs, wrists clipped to my thighs and I'm now in a frogtie  wide open. I am then told to wait there. They are just getting started...

Submitted by Kate from South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

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