Long Distance Reunion - Bedroom Fantasies #88

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Long Distance Reunion - Bedroom Fantasies #88

As my boyfriend is in the army, he and I often go for extraordinarily long periods of time without having sex or even seeing each other for that matter. On this occasion it had been a painful and longing for 8 whole months.

It had not been easy; steamy FaceTime calls and cheeky dirty texts were a regular occurrence through this time, but nothing compared to being with him. Our bodies colliding, sweat glistening, and hearts beating with hot blood pumping through our veins. It was understandable that after this time, I was exhilarated and high on anticipation of this very moment that I had only dreamed of for what felt like an eternity.

The time comes when I finally hear his key in the door. My heart rises into my throat and for a second I think it skips a beat. My pulse flutters and I'm nauseous with nervousness just like I had been on our first date.

The echo of footsteps bounces off of the walls of the hallway as I hear his keys collide with the countertop. Bag dropped to the floor. Weight lifted from his shoulders. Finally, I think, I can help him unwind.

I curl my toes in the carpet beneath me, hands behind my body and lower back resting on our large bed. I stared at the doorway, waiting to see his figure that towered over me by almost a foot in length, his gorgeous brown eyes that made me fall deeper in love every time I stared into them. I swallow my heart whole when I see him. Is it possible he has become even more gorgeous?

He does not say a word and nor do I. I watch his eyes scan my whole body from head to toe and I can tell he admires the lingerie I picked especially for this occasion — a baby pink robe that was rather translucent only to give him a taste of what lies underneath. He moves closer to my shaky body and carefully places his fingertips on the bow on my robe. He leans in close to my ear and whispers, "I missed you." In an instant I feel my core flutter, my insides begging for him. I want to grab him by his uniform and smack our lips together.

"How much have you missed me?" I ask softly as he begins to untie my gown. Sliding the material down my shoulders, the light reveals my lace bra and panty set.

"So. Fucking. Bad."

I smile to myself while his eyes wander and leave trails under my skin so deep to scar. The way he looks at me, as if I’m his one and only, his makes me melt.

I wrap my arms around his neck and I feel his own situation firmly at my waist. "Why don’t you show me how bad?" I look up at him innocently and see a cold smirk across his face, and that’s when I feel his hands move from my waist to my thighs, looping around me and lifting my frame up, pressed close to his body. He holds his lips to mine and my stomach quivers as he sits down on our bed, my small figure on top of him, hands tangled in his hair and body rocking back and forth against his.

I fight with the buttons on his shirt and when they finally come undone, I shove the unwanted clothing behind us onto the floor, pants next to go. I bite my lip and am pleased to see a bulge begging to be released in his briefs. I gasp when his hands meet my neck, firmly wrapping themselves around the top of my collarbones. It feels so good to have him handle me this way again.

"Are you going to be a good girl for me tonight?" he hisses, and I moan softly with impatience. "Yes."

"And you know what happens to girls that misbehave?"

"Mmm, yes."

"Use your words, baby, and tell me what bad girls get."

I bite my lip hard while feeling his hands squeeze to apply the perfect amount of pressure to my neck. "Bad girls get spanked."

"That’s right, baby," He gives me a little smack on the ass and I squeal. "But this little brat enjoys it, doesn’t she?" He cocks his head to the side and rubs my butt again before giving it another light smack. I nod quickly and lean in to kiss him more. He grunts before breaking the kiss.

"God, I’ve been craving that little pussy so fucking bad baby, but will you let me play with that mouth first?" He drags his index finger along my bottom lip looking sensually into my eyes.

"Do what you like with me. I want you to use me as your toy," I say softly, palming his hard cock through his briefs. He hisses again. "Play with me as you please."

I sit to the side and watch as he retrieves some things from our top drawer. I feel the excitement build in my tummy like a flower blooming in spring, and I savour the sensation while he walks over to me with lust in his eyes, tying the faux leather collar behind my neck and clipping a metal chain lead to the hook on the front. He gives it a playful tug. "Eyes up at me, baby girl."

I almost break his order when he pulls his briefs down to expose his cock, hard and begging for attention. I bite my lip, salivating, looking back up at him with the innocence I possessed. His hand pulls on the chain a little harder making my chin tilt upwards. "Open that pretty mouth for me, baby," and I comply, keeping my eyes on his as more orders flow off of his lips. The tip hits my tongue and I can not help but smile with pleasure seeing his eyes roll back and he say, “Fuck, yes.”

I feel my blood pumping all throughout my body as he slides his cock along my tongue and finally down my throat, breaking only some of the anticipation, but I always wanted more. I feel myself drooling, spit running down my chin as he pushes deeper, hitting the back of my throat and making my eyes water. I gag and cough while he grunts. "That's right baby, just take it. You're doing so well."

My hands find the back of his thighs when he pulls himself back, exhaling deeply as I take an elongated gasp for air. He chuckles while moving his hand back and forth on his shaft.

"You look like a fucking princess sucking this cock, you know that, baby?"

I giggle innocently and take over for him, using two hands on his shaft. I press my lips to the head and slowly open them around his dick, making him shudder and curse under his breath. He pulls me away and unties my collar while breathing heavily. I take the opportunity to ask, "Is it my turn now?"

Biting my lip, I watch as he brings me off of my knees and lays me down on the bed, his head ducking further down my body until he reaches my abdomen. I moan, feeling his slick tongue run its length across my navel, down to my pubic bone and along my thighs, which felt unsteady under his intimidating gaze. "Only if you ask nicely," he insists, and I giggle again. "Pretty please? I miss seeing you between my legs."

Satisfied with my reply, his index finger hooks into my lace panties and pulls them to the side, eyes watching me intently as he leans further towards my pussy, which was begging to be touched. I knew I was soaked and I knew that he was loving this torture. His breath was hot against me which made me twitch, but it wasn't long until he finally touched his tongue flat to my clit and began tracing along my folds.

I reach down to grab his dark hair and revel in the pleasure he is giving me. I moan loudly and twitch as he laps at my clit in particular. "Fuck, baby that feels so good, please don't stop, please!" I couldn’t control my thoughts as he pleasured me, feasting his desire and ravishing at my core. The tension was building up and as much as I wanted it to release, I could not imagine stopping this act.

"Do you like that, baby?" he asks softly before returning to business, one of his hands pushing my bra upwards to play with my breasts. I smiled and let my head lean back, mouth agape. "I love it."

He groans against my body and I whimper, feeling a finger curve up inside of me, softly massaging my insides. He detaches his mouth from my pussy and planks his body over mine, pushing another finger carefully inside and watching my face light up with satisfaction. I take the opportunity to play with his cock while he entertains my body.

Fingers pumping in and out of me faster and faster, I groan while holding one of my knees to my chest for his access, continuing to pump my hand on his cock, lubricated and slippery with my spit. He moans too and it's not long before he has propped me on his lap, fiddling beneath us to guide himself to my entrance. There's a second between us, appreciating what was going to happen next, and with a swift movement, I feel him fill me up inside. It seems as though I have waited years for this moment, but God was this worth it. My mouth falls open and so does his when I am fully sat on his cock, grinding back and forth, staying as close as I possibly could to him.

"You’re so fucking tight, baby, it feels so good around me."

I fold an arm around his shoulder and begin to bounce on him.

"Mmm you’re gonna make me cum, please keep going, just like that," I beg and I beg until he flips me over onto hands and knees, his fingers falling at my hips while he pushes into me again, this time even deeper. I close my eyes tightly together and squeal in pleasure, sensing his hand in my hair, grabbing a bunch and pulling it back. He smacks my ass hard, thrusting just as much so.

"Oh fuck yes, I’m gonna cum, baby," I scream, quivering at his unrelenting movements, becoming a mess as I cried out and begged him not to stop. He held his promise, pulling out and thrusting in harder and faster than the last stroke, letting me become overtaken by the feeling I had been craving from him for so long. He moans a throaty moan and I flip myself over onto my back, watching him as I pump my hand along his throbbing cock, my other on his hip as I encourage him to let go. He winces as I rub the tip of him along my folds once again making him spill over the edge, cum dripping down onto my pale body and over my breasts. He seemed as though he enjoyed the sight while his breathing slowly became regular again. One last kiss was tenderly placed on my lips as he leaned down.

Submitted by Anna Katherine from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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