Hot Summer Night - Bedroom Fantasies #85

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Hot Summer Night - Bedroom Fantasies #85

It started with a message. I wasn't expecting it, but I was certainly glad to get it. It was a reasonably hot summer day and the neighbours' pool looked inviting. I could use the pool as much as I wanted while they were away, but I had to water and tend to their garden in return.

She messaged just to say hi. We had a funny relationship. She'd drift in and out of my life. However, there had always been a spark from when we first met. We'd just never acted out on it, and now that I was married, it seemed unlikely to ever happen.

I sent a cheeky selfie with the pool in the background — a tease, a suggestion, the usual flirty text that went nowhere.

"I'm so jealous" was the response.

"Maybe you should join me?"

"Only if you jump in naked now" was her reply.

Fuck it, I thought. Why not have a laugh and jump in nude?

So I ripped off my T-shirt and shorts and jumped in. It was so refreshing.

I took a photo of my clothes on the edge of the pool as proof. "I’m in. Gates open" was the caption.

Her response was one I really didn’t expect: "I'm out the front."

That's when I got nervous. I wanted this, I wanted it big time, but I'd only ever been with my wife. Questions of self-doubt and indecision flooded my mind. Is she really here to fuck me? Should I be cheating on my wife if she is? What is it like to be with another woman? What if I don't perform well enough?

Too late to think further. I heard the gate open and footsteps up the path. I didn’t have time to change my mind. I was stuck there, nervous, excited, impatient, curiously aroused.

She came around the corner, and wow. A short flowing skirt, combined with a tight singlet, the shape of her breasts and nipples clear. Her red hair glistening in the sunlight. Underwater, I instantly began to harden. She was carrying a bottle of whiskey and a towel.

"I brought you your two favourite things expensive whiskey and hot redheads." She threw her towel onto the outdoor furniture, kicked off her thongs, and sat on the pool's edge. She opened the bottle and took a swig. I paddled over to her, keen for a swig myself. A bit of Dutch courage was exactly what I needed.

She offered me the bottle. The warmth of the whiskey flowed through my body and I took a second swig I needed something to settle my nerves.

"It looks nice in there," she said.

"Oh, it is," I assured her. "Are you going to join me?"

"Maybe in a little bit," she said coyly. "Want another drink?"

"Definitely," I responded.

Rather than passing me the bottle, she laid back and lifted her singlet, exposing her stomach. She poured some whiskey into her belly button. "You’ll have to get it yourself."

I pushed myself up out of the water between her legs and slurped up the whiskey. She let out a soft little moan as I kissed and licked the rest of her stomach. I lifted my eyes to meet hers before I slipped back into the water.

"Hope that tasted good." She sat up with a suggestive smile. "It's certainly not the only thing that you should taste up here." She ran her finger up her inner thigh, slowly. She pulled her skirt up, exposing her white underwear. As her finger went higher, she spread her legs wider. I started moving closer to the edge of the pool, almost in a trance. She ran her finger over the edge of her underwear and paused there, watching me with darkened eyes.

Her fingers played over the simple cotton, rubbing herself. A soft moan filled the air as she began losing herself. The rubbing was driving me crazy — I could smell her, the scent that was ostensibly hers.

With one hand, she pulled her underwear aside, exposing her dripping lips. With her other hand, she slowly ran her fingertip between her lips, pushing past them. She arched her back as she touched herself, her nipples hardening even more, clearly visible through her singlet.

"Now that I’m nice and warmed up, it's time for a swim." She stopped touching, stood up, and began to lift her top.

By this stage, the nerves were almost gone. I was completely captivated, unable to take my eyes off her, breathless in anticipation. Her singlet rose, catching on her breasts before they popped out. Her breasts were perfect perky, well-rounded, and ample in size. Her nipples were hard and stood out like perfect pink beacons on her lily white breasts. She discarded the singlet carelessly as her eyes met mine, making sure she had my attention. The smile on her face indicated that she enjoyed seeing the impact her nudity had on me. She could see that I was putty in her hands and that aroused her even more. She enjoyed the control and knowing that I’d respond to her every whim.

She turned away, hands on her hips as my eyes drifted to her shapely bottom. She very slowly and deliberately bent over and pulled her skirt down. My mind was consumed with thoughts of slapping her cute ass and leaving a nice red handprint on the white of her cheeks. She took her time stepping out of her skirt, as if enjoying how fixated I was on her nakedness.

Gracefully, she dived into the pool and disappeared under the water. As she surfaced, she brushed my backside with her hand teasingly. It was like a bolt of lightning through my whole body. This was the first time another woman other than my wife had touched me in years. Even though she barely touched me these days. There had been a yearning deep inside my body for a long time and finally it was going to get its chance.

She stood behind me, one hand sliding onto my stomach. Her touch was gentle, fingertips tracing softly over my skin. All my nerve endings were exploding with anticipation. Her warm breath at my ear made me weak at the knees, and with a hushed voice, she whispered, "I can’t wait to suck your cock," before her lips tugged gently at my earlobe and slid a tongue into my ear.

If it had gone on any longer, I may have collapsed. She slipped back under the water and before I realised what was happening, her lips enveloped the tip of my throbbing erection. Her lips slid to its base as her fingers and palms teased my balls. It felt amazing and I was quickly aware that it wouldn’t have taken too much for me to explode inside her.

She emerged from the water in front of me, my eyes closed as her fingertips found my lips. Her lips found mine gently, almost unsure, before her lips parted and her tongue found mine. She pushed her naked body against mine, my arms wrapped around her, enjoying the feeling of her skin.

She muttered, "I want you inside me."

And with that, I lifted her leg and wrapped it around me. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up as she grabbed my cock. She held my tip to her entrance and pushed it against her clit she shuddered and my cock ached. I pulled her in for another hungry kiss. My hands squeezed her delicious ass as I led her pussy right onto my cock. I could feel her squeezing me and my hands began moving on their own. It needed more. Wanted more friction. The chemistry of the moment, the years of build-up, the sexual tension, the want, the desire...they all bubbled and pulsated through my body as it came out in moans.

I wanted to get deeper and the water was making it difficult. I carried her across the pool to its edge and pushed her up against the side of the pool. I began thrusting harder and deeper, my cock pounding away at her ravenous pussy. The kissing had to stop her moaning took over. Her nails dug into my back as her moans filled my ears. The louder her moans, the quickening of her breath, the more my efforts intensified. My grunts matched her moans as I fucked her, my hips rocked back and forth as I slammed my cock into her.

The moans and grunts reached fever pitch, climaxing together as I exploded inside her. My body pulsated to a crescendo, equally matched by hers. My explosion triggered her body to spasm in pure ecstasy. My head collapsed onto her shoulder as we both tried to catch our breath, my semi-hard cock still inside her.

"Our first time together was pretty good." She winked at me. "What’s our second time going to be like?"

A cheeky grin came over her face and I could feel her pussy tightening around my shaft.

"Guess we better find out," I replied and leaned in to kiss her again.

To be continued…

Submitted by Sam from Vermont South, Victoria, Australia

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