Happy Ending to a Hard Day at Work - Bedroom Fantasies #54

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The lights are off. You're lying there, sprawled in bed, asleep after a long day at work. You're so tired. You don't hear me walk in. You barely rouse. I kick off my heels, slip out of my jacket and dump my bag at the front door. 

You look so peaceful, lightly snoring, pants off, already half-undressed. There's a half-smoked cigarette on the bedside table. I creep over and grab it, finishing it off, a great end to my shitty day. 

Looking down at you, I see your cock is at half mast. Not wanting to waste my now horny mood, and your delicious looking dick, I lean down, breathing lightly, hot air running over your cock. It moves in response, bringing a smile to my face. Wiggling out of my skirt and stockings, I'm standing in panties and my blouse from work, hard nipples clearly visible through my bra.

I sneak into the bed, between your spread out legs, making myself comfortable, trying not to disturb you while you sleep. You always tell me how much you love these kinds of surprises and there's something about watching you sleep that drives me wild. I lick my lips in anticipation, I can feel my state of arousal heightening, my panties getting damp. I lean down wrapping my warm wet lips around the head of your cock, sliding down gently. I can feel you come to full mast in my mouth. 

I can't help it, a big smile spreads across my face. I love how easy you are to arouse; it's one of my favourite things about you.

I keep going, gently sucking your cock, up and down, adding a little bit of tongue. Swirling it around the tip of your erection, you let out a little soft moan. Urrgh, fuck, I love your noises. As I'm gliding up and down, my right hand creeps in and starts to caress your balls, going in time with my mouth.

My hot mouth feels so good to be full with your dick, like it was made for it. Going down, I try to go deeper still, worried your length will hit my gag reflex. 

I can do this, I think to myself. Just as you hit the end, another moan escapes you. Worried I'll wake you before you cum, I pull back slightly, adding my left hand to your shaft. I'm working my hand up and down, in my time with my mouth, moisture glistening in the warm light of the bedside lamp.

I know you're getting close; your little leg twitch has started.

I'm getting antsy. I love giving you head and it's turning me on. All I want to do is ride you, but now I'm torn. Do I keep giving you head, or ride your delicious cock and pleasure myself but wake you up?

No, fuck it. He's had a long day, I want to look after him

I know you'll sort me out when you wake, so I keep going with my mouth. My speed increases and I feel your hips start to softly match my rhythm. I can't help it, I moan with your cock in my mouth, sending little vibrations down your shaft. You're getting close, I can feel you tensing up. I want you to cum but I'm also kinda having fun.

I add in my special move because I know it normally drives you wild. I hear a grunt. Fuck, I hope I didn't wake you! No, all is clear, still asleep. I feel a hand sleepily searching for my head. You lightly grab a messy handful of my hair. Another moan. 

I'm going faster now, moisture dripping from my lips, down your cock and onto my hand. I know you'll cum soon, and I want to take it all. I readjust my position in your lap, steadying myself with a hand on your hip, leaving your balls free. You're moaning again, a little louder this time, your hips thrusting harder into my hot mouth. I recognise the movements, I know you're about to cum. I'm not going to stop, I am patiently waiting for your hot mess to fill my mouth.

One last deepthroat and I feel you tense completely. A little grunt comes out and suddenly my mouth is full of your deliciousness. It comes in squirts, 2, 3, 4. Your cock is pulsating every time, and then I hear a satisfied sigh. You're done and content, and I'm a happy little kitten with a mouth full.

Swallowing gleefully, I curl up besides you, pulling up the covers, happy to finally be home.

Submitted by Jayde from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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