Anywhere But the Bed - Bedroom Fantasies #84

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Anywhere But the Bed - Bedroom Fantasies #84

It had been two weeks since I’d been properly fucked. Laying in that bed now I could feel my panties getting wet and my legs shaking with desire. Warmth was spreading all through me and my nipples were erect. I was only wearing my moist panties and a shirt that barely fit my lustrous body. My fingers kept going to rub my clit through my panties, my legs tensing with every caressing circle. I couldn’t help but tremble.

Just as I was about to climax, my boyfriend finally came home from work. Fuck, even the sound of his keys jangling and his tired grunts turned me on.

"Hey baby," I purred from where I lay on his bed. His eyes consumed my barely covered body and I saw the front of his pants tighten as his cock hardened at the sight of me. It has also been two weeks for him.

"Hey," he barely grumbled back. His cock was still stiffening as I slid off the bed, the length of my bare legs exposed from beneath the covers. I worked my way closer to him and give him a soft kiss on the lips, my tongue grazing against his lips. His hands clutched onto my waist, not wanting me to get away from him.

"You know, it has been a while since we’ve been together," I continued to purr, my hands caressing his shoulders. I started to slowly unbutton his shirt and work my way down to his belt. "You’ve been working so hard and such long, hard nights. And now I want to take care of you."

"Okay, baby, but I’m sick of fucking in that bed. Why don’t we spice things up?" His anticipation to fuck me was growing.

"And how would we do that, huh?"

He hesitated, almost nervous to reveal his dirty secret to me. Alas, he could not resist the temptation. "There’s some videos I’ve been watching. Really dirty videos. Ones where the guy records the girl. In really dirty places. I could see myself fucking you in all those places." His belt was finally undone and I couldn’t keep my hands off his erect member. He groaned.

"Let’s go lay down, baby," I whispered, leading him towards the bed. I climbed on top, my thighs straddling him and my hips moving, feeling just how hard he was against me. "Why don’t you show me one of those videos?"

He whipped his phone out and the tab was already open. Naughty boy. The video was titled ‘TINDER GIRL FUCKED RAW AT FESTIVAL’, and there she was, bent over and taking it like a good girl in a porta-potty. It was so wrong, so dirty, but fuck, it looked so right. I warmed at the mere thought of his cock inside me right now, pushing as deep as that guy was. But it was my turn to take care of him.

"Keep watching the video and don’t stop. No matter what."

Just like that, he got rock hard as I practically ripped his pants off and started to kiss my way down his chest and abdomen. My mouth got closer to his stiff cock, getting him more and more excited. It was practically begging for me to suck.

But not yet.

I teased him with my hand, slowly going up and down on his shaft, my thumb grazing off his sensitive tip. The sound of his desperate groans was mingled with the audio of the girl getting fucked, her moans turning both of us on. I licked his cock, gently squeezing his balls before finally taking him in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down, flicking my tongue over his tip and making his moans louder and louder. I got faster, deepthroating his entire member and feeling him in the back of my throat. I imagined what his cock would feel like inside the girl from the video and how hard he would come from the wetness. The thought made me go harder and faster. My mouth was starting to get wet and I could tell he was thinking the same thought I was having before. He had one hand holding his phone and the other pulling at my hair, making sure I was pleasuring all of him.

From the sound of the video, the girl was getting closer to climax and I was starting to feel my boyfriend’s cock quiver and get wet with precum. So I slowed down and removed my dripping mouth, now only letting my hand do the dirty work. But slowly. I wanted to surprise him. For him to finish inside of me.

"Baby, please," he begged. He was breathless and desperate.

"Get dressed and put your shoes on. You’ve inspired me." He did exactly as he was told.

Walking together in the dark streets felt like the naughtiest thing we’d ever done. The air was chilly so my nipples were erect beneath my thin shirt but wearing one of his jackets allowed me to consume his warm aroma. Our hands were clasped and I could see that curious grin spreading across his gorgeous face. The tension was starting to escalate between us and it took all my willpower to control myself and resist the urge to push him to the ground and let him have his way with me.

"We’re here," I finally declared, stopping outside of a dark, worn brick building. The plaza across the street was completely deserted apart from a few parked cars. Maybe the supermarket cleaners would hear us over the sound of their industrial cleaners. I hoped so.

I clicked the lock and walked in first. The light flickered as I turned it on and shone dimly, leaving some overcast shadows across the cramped four walls. The bathroom was clean (in its own way), but not too clean. It still had that feel to it that you shouldn’t be here, that what we were about to do was wrong. But that's what was going to make it so right

I took my boyfriend in my arms, clasping my fingers behind his neck as I kissed him, allowing my tongue to play with his. He kissed me back, harder than he had ever done before. His tongue grazed against mine before going into my throat and I melted against his touch. I bit his lip, making him grunt in pain but I knew he enjoyed it. Now he was in the mood. He started to undress me, pulling his jumper off me and unzipping my pants. I pulled my top off and let him swiftly unclip my bra, taking my full breast between his teeth. With one hand around my neck and the other between my thighs he started to play with me. He hadn’t touched me down there in so many weeks that I practically screamed as he slipped one, then two fingers into me. He could barely contained himself as he choked me harder and fingered me faster, his thumb circling the clit and making me quiver with every touch. His fingers were getting wetter with every movement and soon I was shaking against him, biting down on his neck as I quickly reached climax. I hadn’t felt this kind of pleasure in so long that I was nearly crying as the fiery sensation spread all through my abdomen and along my legs, my toes curling as I felt the warmth consume me.

But he wasn’t done yet.

He picked me up, my thighs clasped behind his back, and pushed me against the wall. Bruises were already starting to form on my neck and now my back would be dotted with marks, but I didn’t care as he went down his knees, placing one of my legs across his shoulder and sliding my panties off with nothing but his teeth. I heard them rip but I couldn’t care less as he let his tongue start grazing along my throbbing pussy. I squealed as he started to slightly bite me but his tongue continued to work its way up and down my pressure points, causing my legs to tremble. I started to feel a second orgasm burn along my body as he nibbled and licked at me, my hands digging into his hair and forcing his head down deeper between my thighs. I wanted him to taste how much I wanted him and to feel my wetness drip along his face. The climax culminated in a frenzy of shakes and moans and yelling, his hands tightening on me as he felt me tremble against him.

Now it was well and truly his turn. I was his to do whatever he wanted with.

He shifted my throbbing legs up and stood up, pressing his hard cock against my hips. I could feel everything underneath his jeans and he didn’t waste a minute as he pulled his cock out. It was already erect and dripping with precum. I bucked my hips against him, begging for him to finally enter me. He slowly teased, allowing only the tip to pleasure me but then he pushed me harder against the wall and entered fully. I screamed against him when he entered and continued to do so as he thrusted. I could feel all of him and still I wanted more. I kept pushing my hips against his, making him go deeper inside me. With every thrust he was pushing himself against my G-spot and I didn’t know how to control myself I was losing myself in him and the pleasure all over again.

But now it was time for a change in location. He lifted me up and went to the toilet against the wall, and with him still inside me I began to ride him as he sat. I moved my hips hard and fast against him, going up and down on his cock. He spanked me hard and moaned as he bit down on my nipple. Hard. I continued to fuck him, his moans getting louder and louder there was no way people couldn’t hear us and I lived for it. I wanted the whole neighbourhood to know that I was getting fucked by him.

Suddenly he pushed me off and flipped me around, so he could watch my ass bounce as I rode him. He spanked me harder, leaving his harsh red marks against me. I exhaled my sexy giggle as he did so and slowed down just to tease him. My hips swayed rhythmically against his, and I could feel his stiff cock move with my direction. He released a sharp exhale as I did so and decided that I was done being a tease. He grinded against me, encouraging me to pick up my speed yet again and keep fucking him. I rode him with passion, the sound of our breath mingling with the dirty words that we let slip past our tongues.

"I’m so close, baby," he barely moaned. The sound of his raspy, desperate voice made me so wet and I only fucked him harder. I dug my nails into his back as I bucked my hips continually against his and felt all of him as I leaned back against him. He started to thrust back, pulling me closer to him and his cock. A deep growl resonated from his throat as I felt him stiffen inside me before he came. His hot cum was already dripping out of me and the feel of his pulsating cock made me want to go again. I could do this forever.

He nuzzled against my neck, nipping at me, and making sure his mark was properly left.


"Fuck indeed."

We let ourselves finally catch our breath and recover. We got dressed but he couldn’t keep his hands off me, wanting to feel everything all over again. We stepped into the brisk night air but I didn’t feel the cold, only the warmth of his hand against my lower back. No one was around and the sun would be rising in a few hours, but we know we weren’t the only ones to get a sleepless night.

Submitted by Ruby from Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia

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