After Dinner Delights - Bedroom Fantasies #56

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After Dinner Delights - Bedroom Fantasies #56

I return to the dining room holding 2 plates of your favourite foods. You walk in and take your seat at the head of the table. I place your meal in front of you and lean in for a slow and tender kiss before taking my place to your left. We slowly eat our meal, savouring every bite as our mouthwatering steak is consumed.

Tea is finished and I remove the plates and clear the table, leaving the candles flickering at the other end. You slide your chair back and I take my place on your lap, straddling you and wrapping my arms around your neck. You look up at me and kiss me deep and passionately, breathing each other in. Your hands run up my back and slowly trace their way around to my now erect nipples. You squeeze them between your fingers, sending a shiver up my spine.

I feel my juices starting to build up inside of me, wanting to be released, wanting to flow over your knee. You lift me off your knee and stand up to embrace me. You quickly spin me around and push me down onto the table to reveal my lush naked arse and pussy. You run your hand down my back and over each cheek of my arse, rubbing and squeezing as you go. You trace the opening of my pussy with just one finger. You can feel my stickiness that has coated me. You flick your finger over my clit before sliding it into my yearning pussy. I gasp as you push it deep into me. 

I lift my head from the table and you push me back down and hold your hand firmly at the nap of my neck, leaving me at your mercy. You push my legs open further with your foot and begin to run the knob of your cock along my now dripping opening. You slide just the tip of your knob into my opening, teasing me oh-so-slowly. I push myself back onto you further, wanting more of you to enter me. You remove your cock from me and make me stay there, waiting for you, waiting for you to enter me again. I beg you to please fuck me. You take pity on me and slowly slide your entire member into me. 

You are in control, just the way you like to be. You start to push yourself into me over and over. You remove your hand from my neck and firmly run it back down my back, smacking my arse and leaving a pink glow on my cheek. I gasp as the pain turns into pleasure that shoots straight to my already throbbing clit. You rub your hand over the imprint, squeezing and kneading my arse. Working your way towards my tight puckering rose bud, you begin to rim me ever so slowly and gently. The sensation causes me to shudder, knowing that you will be violating my arse with your finger. You slide it in, feeling the muscles squeeze tight and snug around your finger. 

Your thrusts into me become more forceful and deep. My arms are outstretched in front of me, leaving me at your total mercy. You begin to work my arse, stretching it. I feel you slide a second finger in and I gasp as you push past my inner muscles. I begin to sway side to side at the erotic feeling of having both my holes filled at the same time. I once again lift myself up from the table only to be pushed back down. You withdraw your throbbing cock from my pussy, my juices dripping off you. You can't resist but to fuck my tight arse. 

Using my own natural lube, you push into my arse slowly at first, pushing past my contracting muscles, pushing further and further into my arse until you can feel your balls against my wet pussy. My arms are stretched out over the table, my fingers spread, outstretched, looking for something to grab hold of. You reach between my legs and start to rub and squeeze my clit. The sensation is too much for me to bear as the first of multiple orgasms begin to course through me. 

Gasping for air, I cum over and over, gushing juices all over your hand and the polished floorboards, leaving you standing there with my juices at your feet. You pound my arse harder and harder, bringing yourself to an earth shattering climax. You deposit your load deep in my arse, blasting me over and over again until you have been drained of every last drop. You slowly slide yourself out of me and shudder at the same time. I lift myself from the table and turn to find your waiting lips. You kiss me tenderly and take my hand and lead me off to the shower so you can cleanse our bodies of our well-earned sweat and fluids.

Submitted by Becca from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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