Evening With My Master - Bedroom Fantasies #31

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#30 Bedroom Fantasies - Evening With My Master

Earlier in the evening, I had fed the family and the Master and had gotten the kids to bed at the appointed time for a change. Master said he had to run out for a few minutes to the store to get something, so I figured that I would have a pleasant surprise waiting for him when he got home.

I ran to the bedroom and hurriedly rummaged thru my drawers of sexy undergarments..looking for just the “right” outfit to slip into... I decided on my black lace corset and my little black lace skirt with the thong built within… It shows my ass quite nicely, not to mention my Masters mark that he had put on my ass…..the tattoo of matching rings with our D/s names inside them. I put my hair up in a loose bun, with a few strands surrounding my face, put on a light coating of powder on my face, some light lipstick and touched up my eyes some. I was in a hurry to get done before he came back, so didn’t have the time to do a full beautification ritual in time, but I looked pretty enough I thought. I put on my collar, grabbed the cuffs and latches, slipped on some high heels, and scurried to the living-room.

I turned on the stereo to some lite sexy jazz, and lit some candles all over the room, and stepped back to admire the magic I had created. MMMMMMMM... I think this will do the trick, *giggling to myself*. I then positioned myself on my knees, face to the floor, arms outstretched, waiting to hear his car pull into the driveway. My body starting trembling with excitement and also some light fear, my mind racing, thinking of how this scene could play out in so many different ways. This was the first time I had ever positioned myself in the prone fashion before, and I was anxious and nervous doing it, for to me this was the “True” way a slave presented herself to her Master, and it was still all so very new to me.

Oh My God, I hear the car pulling in! I start to tremble more violently. I’m trying to control it, but it’s so hard to do..

I hear his key enter the door, and it opens…dead silence..OH god…have I done something wrong?? I hear myself mumble into the carpet, “Sir, your slave wishes for you to use her tonight any way you see fit.” Still silence..I’m thinking *please say something! move even!* My nerves are stretched to the limit already, here. I had lowered myself to ground level, just to prove that I was a worthy enough slave to him.

The next thing I hear is him softly telling me I may raise myself and look at him. I do so gingerly. Still on my knees, I look up to his face and see the soft gentle look of love and pride shining in them. I immediately feel my body relax... He strokes my cheek softly, running his fingers down my neck, takes my hand and helps me to rise. I softly clear my throat and tell him that I wanted to give him a wonderful surprise, and he confirms that I have done such a thing. My heart leaps with pride, glad to have pleased him so much.

He tells me to go and sit on the edge of the couch and wait for him, as he excuses himself and goes to the bedroom. I hear him moving around in there, wondering what he’s up too, but still kinda afraid to find out. He comes back out wearing his “Dom” undies, see thru black net and satin shorts..MMMMM…and he has rope in one hand, and his flogger in the other. By now I’m thinking this could be a good thing! LOL

I think he felt how nervous I was, for when one of our favourite songs was played on the radio, he asked me to dance. We slow danced around the living-room, stroking and groping and soul kissing for what seemed like an hour.. I was feeling inner self getting moist... I love kissing, to me that’s better than sex, and I get turned on and wet from it very easily. After a couple of dances, he feels that I’m ready to move on to the next level. He has me lay down on my back on a large ottoman on wheels that we have, and proceeds to tie my ankles and wrists it it, teasing my body the whole time with his lips..first starting at my neck and working his way down to my nipples, nibbling and sucking and flicking his tongue on body is contorting on the ottoman, responding to his teasing ways. He runs his fingers under my skirt to feel my dampness, which by then i was a river. I moan as he explores inside me..wanting to feel his cock deep in my pussy..He whispers what a good slut I am, and how wet I am for him. I respond with more moaning…mmmmmm..

He had me positioned just right so that my head was hanging over the back of the ottoman..he moves around to my head and leans over and starts squeezing my nipples.. I feel like I’m gonna cum any second, he warns me NOT to cum until HE says i can.. I groan in agony..and I feel something warm graze against my cheek.. I smell the musky male scent in my nostrils…knowing now what he was planning to do with me.. I open my lips waiting for him to enter..mmmmm… I take all of him deep into my throat.. I hear him groan his pleasure, I flick my tongue around the glands, and the underside, feeling his balls contract when I do, knowing how much he loves it when I do that to him.. He starts to speed up his motions, pumping into my throat even faster..he’s moaning, I’m groaning and writhing on the ottoman, needing some release of my own..letting him fuck my throat as deeply as he wishes. Then he stops quickly. I give a moan of disappointment, he tells me not to worry; we are not done by a long shot slut. I feel my body quiver with those words. He moves around to the front of me and gets down on his knees between my legs and pulls down my skirt to my ankles and I feel his warm breath on my pussy..MMMMm…then I feel his tongue gently running along my lips and back up to my clit, where he flicks his tongue gently, then with more determination.

I start to squirm and squeal, as he licks my clit and pinches my nipples hard..I tell him I’m going to cum, he tells me NO!, don't you cum slut until I let you cum! He keeps tormenting me like this for many minutes. I’m trying to hold back, but I can’t any longer and cum loudly in his face..pushing my mound up to his mouth as I cum so hard I nearly pass out. Then he gets up and tells me that I was a BAD SLUT for cumming when I wasn’t supposed to..I’m panting and in between pants I tell him how sorry I am, but he won’t hear any of it.. He tells me that now I have to be punished for disobeying..I groan inwardly..awwwww man! He uncuffs me and has me get on my hands and knees on the ottoman, and takes his flogger and proceeds to flog me for many minutes, my body coming up to meet the flogger with each strike. I then hear him opening up some lube, wondering what he was up to now..then I feel his fingers probing my backside..oh no, this is what I get for disobeying..*cringe* he inserts two of his lubed fingers and loosens me up..then has me spread my legs further apart for him to have easier access to my body. First he strokes his cock along my pussy, up and down, rubbing my clit I love that! Then he shoves it all the way into my pussy hard! AHHHHHHH….yesssssss…pumping me roughly from behind, like the bitch he calls me..the quickly removes himself from my body, then I feel it pressing against my ass.

I prepare myself for what was about to come..then I feel him enter me..gently at first. I feel the head entering me..after he gets thru the second barrier, then he SHOVES it all the way in up to his balls, and I bury my face into the fabric of the ottoman, screaming into he pumps into me. I feel my ass start to relax more and start enjoying the sensations.. MMMMMM… yesssss.. that feels sooo good Master! OH yeah! yessss!!…then I feel his balls contracting against my lower ass cheeks and know that he is getting ready to release…I move in motion with his body..pounding my ass against his belly..then I feel his body contract and hear his loud groan…YESSSS!!!! As he cums, I also feel my body contract, starting with the burning in my belly and working it’s way down to my clit..I’m cumming with him!! AHHHHH!!! MASTER, I’M CUMMING!! I feel his seed filling my cavity, all hot and burning, almost scalding..then with us both spent, we collapse together, him on top of me on the ottoman..ahhhhhhh…..both covered in sweat and panting heavily..with him stroking my body telling me what a good slut I have been for him..and I feel pride and love fill my heart with those words.

After we showered and washed each others bodies and got ready for bed, we came back out and danced some more, and fed each other some sushi by candlelight, and wrapped ourselves up in each others arms and slept the sleep of the of the contented.

Submitted by Missymoo89 from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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