Sex Toy Safety Tips

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Are Sex Toys Safe?

Yes!!! Sex toys are perfectly safe when used properly and kept clean. Be sure to read all user guides and manuals that come with your toy(s) before use to ensure you practice the safest play possible. While many sex toys can be used in various ways and can be fun to explore new erogenous zones, you must take care not to use your toys in ways prohibited in the user guide.

  • Never use your toys from anus to vagina or anus to penis because of the risk of infection. You won't want bacteria from the anal region getting into other delicate areas such as the vagina or urethra.  If you really must use your toy this way, slap a condom into it before using it in either orifice.
  • Never use your toys on areas which are swollen, cut or inflamed. This can cause further irritation & may spread infection if your injury is infected.
  • Never use a sex toy not designed for the purpose. We sell many that are designed for multi-purpose use. It may be wise to invest in a toy that meets all of your needs from the start. Read the product description well before purchase to ensure your perspective toy does everything you want it to.
  • This should be a given but please do NOT insert the wrong end of a vibrator into your body. 
  • Never try to use a sex toy while it is charging! We know how hard it can be to wait for your toy to be ready to play but... don't plug it into you until it's unplugged from the charger.
  • Only use safe sex toy materials. Check the materials used before purchase. Ensure that it doesn't contain materials that you or your partner may be allergic to.
  • Wash your sex toys before & after each use. Not only does this protect you from harmful bacteria and infections, it also prolongs the use of your toy(s). Ensure you're using the right Toy Cleaner as well. Some cleaners may irritate your skin so always choose a cleaner that is body safe and gentle to both you and your toy. Most toys can be washed with soap & water but nothing protects your toy as well as a specialised toy cleaning formula.
  • Keeping your toys stored in a clean space is important for maintaining hygienic purposes. They protect your toys from unwanted dirt and bacteria. Bags & cases are good choices for toy storage.
  • Toys made from non-porous materials are best for hygienic purposes. They're easier to clean & less likely to harbour harmful bacteria. Silicone, metal & glass are excellent choices.
  • Do not share your sex toys with others unless you're 100% confident it's safe to. It's usually best to use a condom on your toy if you'll both be sharing the same toy to avoid any potential unwanted bacteria or STDs from being shared.
  • Cheaper doesn't always mean better. Your pricier toys are usually going to be made with the best materials and safety in mind. Sticking with reputable brands also helps.
  • Use the right lubrication for your body and your toys. Not every lubricant is safe for every body part and not every lubricant is safe for every type of toy. See our Lubricant Compatibility Chart for more info. Flavoured lubricants aren't recommended for internal use. They're best used for oral sex & use with external toys. Most are made with sugar which can irritate the genitals and cause infections. Lubricants that create a heated or cooling sensation are safe to use internally & externally.

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