Lend A Hand

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lend a hand - sex position of the week

When was the last time you and your lover just had a cute and cosy cuddle without it being bedtime? This week's featured sex position doesn’t necessarily require any penetration and gives you a good opportunity for a snuggle while you’re at it!

How to perform the Lend A Hand sex position

Both of you lie down on your sides, facing the same direction (and possibly a mirror if you want a good view of the action). The partner who wants to put in the work gives their lover a big bear hug from behind and reaches their hand around to stimulate the other partner, and that's all there is to it!

Why we love the Lend A Hand sex position

This is a good opportunity to explore each other’s bodies and be communicative about what does and doesn’t feel good. It doesn't necessitate penetration if one or both of you aren't in the mood for it, and you can easily spice it up with a finger vibrator for some delicious external stimulation. One of the newest additions to the finger vibrator lineup on Sexyland's online adult shop is the Intimate Play™ Rechargeable Finger Teaser, which has 10 tantalising vibration modes in its compact silicone body! It's adorned with a nubby texture for extra stimulation and a comfy finger loop for a secure fit as you stroke away...


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