The Big O – The 5 Best Ways To Hit Peak Pleasure

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The Big O – The 5 Best Ways To Hit Peak Pleasure

In celebration of July 31st – AKA National Orgasm Day – the Sexyland Fun Specialists are dishing out all the hottest info on explosive finishes and how to have your most intense orgasm ever, no matter your gender. Recently, society has been buzzing about the ‘orgasm gap’, a term that describes the disproportionate rate of orgasms in males and females, especially in heterosexual pairings. Australian female orgasm statistics say that during heterosexual encounters, many women don’t orgasm – only 50–70% of females orgasm during sex compared to 95% of males. Everybody deserves to have a fulfilling sex life, and National Orgasm Day is the perfect opportunity to learn more about how to close the orgasm gap and give orgasm inequality the boot! Best of all, unlike National Orgasm Day, you can come more than once a year…

What is an orgasm?

An orgasm is what happens when your body reaches a peak of sexual stimulation and releases the built-up tension. In most cases, reaching orgasm is an intensely pleasurable sensation though it can vary depending on the person, anatomy, and the orgasm itself – there are lots of different types of orgasm you can have, with some believing that there are as many as 11 orgasm types females can experience! These include clitoral, nipple, or vaginal orgasms, plus anal orgasms, which males have in common with women. Some orgasms can be exhilarating while others are exhausting, and some take a bit of getting used to, so keep playing until you find what works for you and/or your partner.

In addition to feeling fabulous, there are also some great health benefits for orgasms! They flood the brain with the feel-good chemical known as endorphins, which can put you in a seriously blissful mood. Orgasms can also help work your pelvic floor, which comes with its own host of health benefits like better bladder control and giving you the most intense orgasms in the future – an orgasm truly is the gift that keeps on giving! The list of hormones released during orgasm (either self-induced or with a partner) includes dopamine and oxytocin, which promote feelings of intimacy and restfulness – it’s no wonder it’s so easy to drift off to a peaceful night’s sleep after a romp in the sheets...

How to orgasm (and make it your most intense orgasm ever)

If you’re riding solo, it pays to get to know yourself with what you like in bed through masturbation – not just for yourself, but also so you can coach future lovers on how to give you an orgasm! Even if you’re well versed in self-love, it never hurts to revisit (and potentially revitalise) the basics of how to masturbate – orgasming on your own is just as valid as orgasming during sex with a partner/s.

It’s also well worth learning how to orgasm with a vibrator and other adult toys, either during masturbation or while having sex. Orgasms achieved with vibrators offer a totally different sensation to what our anatomy can do on its own – after all, it’s not like the human body can oscillate at thousands of RPM or control air pressure, right? Why not spice things up with a sexy new toy and experience the unexperienced?

For women, the ever-reliable rabbit vibrator is how to have a blended orgasm, a wonderful mix of a clitoral and vaginal orgasm. Sexyland’s customers are loving the Dylan rabbit vibrator by Pretty Love, which offers incredible G-spot and clitoral stimulation with its waving ‘come-hither’ head and vibrating clitoral bunny!

For men, why not combine unreal stimulation with something that feels natural like a vibrating stroker with a warming function? This one has flexible wings that wrap around your penis and a textured interior for extra sensation. Best of all, it heats up to body temperature as it vibrates to keep you cosy and warm!

Both of the toys listed are waterproof for hot and steamy encounters in the shower or bath, and both are rechargeable so you can keep the fun going any time you’re in the mood! The smooth silicone on both also pairs well with water-based lubricant for a slick glide you won't be able to get enough of...

To increase the chances of reaching orgasm during sex, try employing a variety of foreplay and sex acts such as oral (mouth), manual (hands), and penetrative sex. This is particularly helpful when it comes to understanding how to make a woman orgasm, with female orgasm statistics that suggest using all 3 together increases the likelihood of her achieving the big O!

    Male & female orgasm symptoms

    If you’ve ever wondered out loud how to know you have reached orgasm, your question might have been met with vague responses like “Oh, trust me, you’ll know”, followed by a cryptic wink and a secretive smile. However, not everyone experiences intense, screaming orgasms that leave their body an ecstatically quivering bowl of jelly. Even the seemingly ‘obvious’ orgasm in males doesn’t always result in the ejaculation of semen (an occurrence that is known as a ‘dry orgasm’).

    So, how do you know if you have reached orgasm?

    While there’s no one-size-fits-all guide to orgasms, everyone’s body has its own telltale signs during climax. Common symptoms of orgasm for females and males alike include moaning, pelvic thrusting or lifting, an increase in your breathing rate and heartbeat, and tense, twitching muscles such as curling toes or tightly clenched fingers. For females, orgasm symptoms also include vaginal or deep uterine contractions that ripple throughout your core, giving you full-body warmth and relaxation.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the fun though since it’s possible for some women to experience multiple orgasms in a row! If you’re one of the lucky ladies who can just keep going and going like the Energiser bunny, feel free to cross the finish line as many times as you like. What better way is there to close the orgasm gap and even up the race for orgasm equality?


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