6 Sex Machines to Seriously Spice Up Your Bedroom Activities

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6 Sex Machines to Seriously Spice Up Your Bedroom Activities

Sex toys already make it easier to have a thumpin’ good time on your own or with a partner, but what if we told you there were sex toys that could get you off with absolutely zero effort on your part? We’re talking no hand movements like stroking, no thrusting, nothing — just set up the toy, get yourself into position, and let the toy do all the work!

This week, we’re talking about some of the biggest, most powerful adult toys around — the not-so humble sex machine. Sexyland has sex machines for sale in our adult stores and online at a variety of price points, and we stock them in lots of different sizes and with a variety of functions for versatile play. You can get even more out of your sex machine with attachments like dildos, anal beads, and even adapters that are compatible with existing lines of adult toys like Doc Johnson’s® Vac-U-Lock™ and Main Squeeze™ ranges, so sex machines really are the toy for everyone.

How do sex machines work?

The main function of all sex machines is to thrust for that powerful penetrative pleasure you’re craving. Depending on the model’s design, some sex machines offer different kinds of stimulation, such as vibration, come-hither G-spot massaging, or self-stroking sensations (if your machine is compatible with masturbators). Motorised pistons pump the sex machine’s dildo or attachment at the end at various speeds and depths for smooth, non-stop thrusting that’ll keep you coming…back for more that is!

Many sex machines plug directly into wall power so you never have to worry about running out of juice in the heat of the moment, though smaller sex machines like the MiaMaxx™ Plus Handheld Thrusting Vibrating Sex Machine can be conveniently recharged via USB. This mini sex machine thrusts a whopping 3 inches deep and even comes with a remote for easier control of your settings, whether the remote is in your hands or a lover’s! It’s also compatible with the MiaMaxx Arya Penis-Shaped attachment to give this dildo-like sex machine a more realistic finish.

How to use sex machines

So let’s say you’ve got a full-size sex machine — how do you use this pleasure powerhouse?

Straight out of the box, your sex machine will have instructions included, so follow those to get everything set up properly. This can include installing the pistoning rods on the machine, fitting the dildo or other attachments to the sex machine, and ensuring the machine’s base has a good grip on the ground so it doesn’t move around during play. Most sex machines have non-slip feet, like suction cups, though some can also have flat bases that will also do a good job of staying in place. From here, it’s just a matter of you adjusting the angle of the thrusting portion to suit whatever position you plan to enjoy yourself in!

How to use sex machines with dildos & penetrative attachments

Sexyland recommends inserting just the tip of the sex machine’s attachment inside yourself before starting the thrusting on the lowest setting, then adjusting either your machine’s settings or your position from there. Make sure you’ve lubricated the dildo thoroughly beforehand for a smooth glide, because once everything is in place, you won’t want to hop off this ride…

How to use sex machines with masturbator attachments

Since all sex machines offer penetrative pleasure with dildos and similar attachments, sex machines are traditionally thought of as a sex toy for her, but you can just as easily make them a toy that suits users with penises if you get one that’s compatible with men’s sex toys like masturbators! For example, Doc Johnson’s Kink Power Banger Fucking Machine is compatible with Fuck Hole, Main Squeeze, and Man Squeeze full-size masturbators (sold separately) when you purchase the adapter for it, either on its own or in the Kink Power Banger Sex Machine Fuck Hole Accessory Pack, which comes with three different sleeves to use in the hard masturbator case.

(Our above advice about lubricant, starting on the lowest setting, and inserting just the tip also applies to users who are penetrating their sex machine’s masturbator attachments.)

How much do sex machines cost?

The sex machines for sale online and in-store at Sexyland range from between approximately $300 (like our ever-popular Portable Handbag Sex Machine) up to $3500 for the Doc Johnson x Motorbunny Buck. Here’s a basic breakdown of what you get from each of our full-size plug-in sex machines so you can decide which one gives you the best bang for your buck:

Portable Thrusting Warming Vibrating Handbag Sex Machine ($299.95)

  • Sexyland’s smallest sex machine for amazing portability to enjoy anywhere
  • Sets up in seconds and packs up into a discreet handbag you can loop over your arm
  • 3 thrusting speeds, 7 vibration modes & a sensual warming function you can control with the wireless remote
  • Thrusts 2 inches deep at a variety of angles
  • Comes with comfortable foot/knee pads
  • Compatible with its own range of sex machine attachments only

Mod Love Deluxe Thruster Sex Machine Kit ($799.95)

  • Powered by the strongest available motor, offering over 200 strokes per minute
  • Thrusts 2 inches deep
  • Compatible with Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock accessories (sold separately)
  • Wired multi-speed controller for easy setting adjustments
  • Unique adjustable mounting system for positioning in many directions/angles
  • Sturdy metal base with strong suction cup feet to help the machine stay put

Love Botz Deluxe Pro-Bang Remote Control Sex Machine ($995.95)

  • Up to 285 strokes per minute
  • 7 thrusting patterns, each with 4 speeds
  • Thrusts 3.5 inches deep
  • Easy to control via the wireless remote from up to 10 metres away
  • Comes with a Vac-U-Lock adapter to work with Vac-U-Lock attachments (sold separately)
  • Fully adjustable to suit any angle or height without needing tools

Kink Fucking Machines Power Banger Vac-U-Lock Sex Machine ($1109.95)

  • Up to 195 strokes per minute
  • Thrusts 2.35 inches deep
  • Compatible with all Vac-U-Lock toys (sold separately) straight out of the box
  • Compatible with all standard-size Main Squeeze, Man Squeeze, and Fuck Hole toys with the purchase of the masturbator adapter (sold separately)
  • Suction cup feet to hold the machine in place during play
  • Adjustable arm angle with handle for perfect leverage & positioning

Doc Johnson x Motorbunny Buck Vac-U-Lock Hybrid Saddle Sex Machine ($3499.95)

  • Has a unique semicircular saddle shape to support you in more positions, including cowgirl
  • Includes 3 Buck attachments & 2 motion toggles for grinding, up-down thrusting & G-spot stroking
  • Also comes with a Vac-U-Lock adapter + 2 VUL dildos & VUL powder for smooth attachment assembly/disassembly
  • Bluetooth controller for hands-free play, solo or partnered, near or far
  • Includes The Right Angle wedge to stand the Buck up on its end for fun in non-mounted sex positions (doggy-style, missionary, etc.)
  • The ultimate toy to rival thrusting-only & Sybian-style sex machines
In the mood for earth-shattering fun? Check out Sexyland’s range of sex machines for sale online or in our adult stores and see just how far you can crank up your pleasure dial…


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