5 Tips For A Romantic, Relaxing Honeymoon

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5 Tips For A Romantic, Relaxing Honeymoon

It may have been only 3 and a half years ago that Australia voted YES to legalise same-sex marriages, but in our eyes, true love has never been determined by sex, gender, race, or anything other than how two people feel about each other. Now that everyone is allowed to get married to whomever they like, it’s time to look at the next fun stage: the honeymoon!

Societal attitudes seem to equate honeymoons with wild animalistic sex, though the amount of sex couples have while on their honeymoon can vary a lot between newlyweds. Instead of feeling like you’re ‘supposed to be’ having mind-blowing sex, you and your new spouse can just take a moment to be in the moment and reconnect with each other in a totally pressure-free environment. That’s why your trusted Fun Specialists have compiled a list of the best ways to help make this special period together that much more memorable, both in and out of the bedroom!

Discuss your sexual desires beforehand

There are plenty of erotic experiences and surprises honeymoon sex can bring, but it never hurts to talk about your personal needs with your partner before the wedding, even if you’ve already had sex before. Consistent communication is key to any relationship, especially a marriage, and sexual communication is essential for long-lasting, mutual satisfaction. Be open about new sex positions you’re interested in trying, types of sex you want to have (e.g. oral, vaginal, or anal sex), toys, fantasies, and so on in advance so there are no unexpected mood killers on the night. And speaking of the night...

Take it slow & let go of performance expectations

While it’s easy to get caught up in a flurry of emotions and physical desires, there’s no point in rushing into sex for the sake of sex if you’re not going to enjoy it to the fullest. In fact, according to a wedding sex survey of 1,000 married couples, more than half of all newlyweds don’t consummate the marriage the same night. Mind blown? Us too! But it makes sense if you think about it – after months (or even years) of exhausting wedding planning, the emotional high from the big day, and a belly full of cake and champagne, you’re probably more likely to fall asleep in each other's arms than do the deed post-reception. A third of couples surveyed said they opted for morning sex the day after, with 1 in 10 waiting until 48 hours after tying the knot.

Whenever you and your spouse decide to have sex, focus on mutual pleasure rather than worrying about trying to outdo previous performances in an effort to make the sex extra memorable. Stay attentive to your partner's needs and listen closely to verbal and non-verbal cues like body language.

Give each other permission to relax

Wedding nights and honeymoons have long been revered as legendary non-stop sex-fests, but the pressure of a perfect wedding day is enough to make anyone want to take a beat. Now is a great opportunity to prioritise intimacy and create a comfortably sensual environment. After all, nothing feels better than when both of you are relaxed and ready to go with the flow...

Your partner is sure to feel extra confident in their decision to marry you when you go the extra mile to spoil them with a luxe experience, like an erotic massage or hot bath filled with bubbles and rose petals. Check out our comprehensive guide to setting the mood for more inspiration if you're feeling extra!

Pick a honeymoon destination that suits you

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down international arrivals and departures for most of the world, a honeymoon overseas seems like an impossible dream at the moment. However, if you’re patient enough to wait for borders to open again, take extra consideration in regards to what you think you’ll be in the mood for, as well as what the country’s laws and attitudes towards married couples are, same-sex or otherwise. (Seriously, there are some weird marriage laws you may be breaking without knowing.) Your honeymoon is a time for you and your partner to be celebrating your new relationship status without a care in the world, not keeping it under wraps!

The international travel giant, Lonely Planet, has compiled a list of the 10 best LGBT honeymoon destinations for everyone to enjoy, with Australia taking the bronze and ranking at number 3 if you needed more of an excuse to explore the beautiful land on your doorstep. Don’t forget about the Netherlands, which was the first country in the world to legalise gay marriage over 20 years ago and is also blessed with stunning canals, windmill-studded scenery, friendly locals, and a progressive lifestyle you won’t want to leave behind.

Get prepared with toys for two

Alternatively, you can opt for a luxuriously easy stay-cation with your spouse, with all the comforts of home (or a hotel room somewhere close by) and none of the fuss of the wedding hanging over you anymore! Whether you’re just in the mood for a quick romp or you’re not planning to leave your bed the entire time (wink wink), why not spice up the newlywed sex with (pre-approved) adult toys?

For women, a wearable vibrator can offer you dual stimulation at your sensitive G-spot and clitoris while still allowing your partner to penetrate you, either with a penis or another toy like a strap-on. The We-Vibe Chorus remains one of our bestselling couples vibrators, with its comfortable wearable design, squeeze remote control.and custom vibration modes!

For men, who among us doesn’t want sex to last longer? With the MALESATION - Vibro Spanning-Ring, now it can! Its sleek and simple design fits over the shaft or testicles so its dual vibrating motors can offer you versatile stimulation while its stretchy form gives you a snug fit to keep blood flow trapped down there for harder, longer-lasting erections.

With these handy tips at your disposal, you’re well on your way to a romantically intimate yet relaxed wind-down after your special day...


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