Doll Up Your Sex Life In 2022! The BEST Sex Dolls For Ultimate Pleasure

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Doll Up Your Sex Life In 2022! The BEST Sex Dolls For Ultimate Pleasure

Realistic sex dolls are still shrouded in stigma and are sometimes associated with cheap inflatable sex dolls for men’s bachelor parties and the like, but the truth is that lifelike sex dolls are more than just sex toys. There are female and male sex dolls for men and women alike that make great companions for all demographics of people, including singles and couples of all genders. In fact, the popularity of lifelike sex dolls in Australia has shot up during the coronavirus pandemic! Here’s Sexyland’s guide to why sex dolls are so popular and what to expect when you shop for a lifelike sex doll from one of our adult stores.

What are sex dolls and how do they work?

Lifelike sex dolls are anatomically correct, anthropomorphic dolls that resemble real humans and have at least one penetrable orifice, such as a mouth, vagina, or anus, and/or another body part that the user can use to penetrate themselves, like a penis. It works the same way a realistic dildo or masturbator does, except instead of just being a recreation of a certain body part, it replicates the entire human body.

Who created sex dolls and how are they made?

Believe it or not, there’s quite a rich history behind lifelike sex dolls for men that goes way beyond the stereotypical association with ‘creepy’ men in basements that much of society thinks of in most discussions about realistic sex dolls. The idea of imparting desire onto an inanimate human-like figure can be traced back as far as 8 A.D., to the epic poem Metamorphoses by a Roman poet named Ovid. In Metamorphoses, a sculptor carves a statue of a woman so beautiful he falls in love with her, prays to the gods that she becomes real, and lives happily ever after with her when his wish is granted. Throughout history, men have found plenty of creative ways to express love physically with female substitutes, with the first being credited to 17th-century Dutch sailors who used cloth to fashion dolls that resembled lovers back on land.

These days, the best sex dolls are made in sophisticated factories that use high-end materials to make the most realistic sex dolls you can imagine. This includes thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone that feels like real skin right down to the pore details, synthetic hair to simulate attached eyelashes and body hair, and titanium alloy for creating fully poseable skeletons. Granted, they’re not cheap, but the best sex dolls aren’t just sex toys — they’re an investment piece you can get both physical and emotional pleasure from. When you buy lifelike sex dolls from Sexyland, you can customise everything about your new companion, from the colour of their eyes, hair, and skin to their height, bust size, and even pubic hair to personalise your doll to perfection!

How much do sex dolls cost and weigh?

When it comes to lifelike sex dolls, cost and weight tend to go hand in hand as heavier models use more material and usually involve more sculpting and customisation work. Partial builds like torsos and pelvises typically weigh 5–13kg whereas full bodies (especially if they contain a poseable metal skeleton, AI processor, etc.) can weigh upwards of 25 kilograms! There can also be a weight and cost difference between female and male sex dolls due to customisable breast size, height variation, and any extra attachments your doll comes with, such as interchangeable penises for more size variety.

As for cost, the partial dolls are usually between $200–$1000 while the most expensive realistic sex dolls can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. The range of sex dolls at Sexyland caps out at just under $4500 usually, but if you have any extra requests when building your doll, let us know when placing your order online or at one of Sexyland’s adult stores and we’ll do our best to accommodate them!

What are the best sex dolls and where can you buy them?

The best sex dolls are without a doubt the most realistic models, which are fully customisable to your liking when you buy them through Sexyland. We have plenty of different body types to suit everybody’s taste, from the standard bombshells with slim but curvy silhouettes to ultra-fit and muscular models, and even plus-sized or pregnant figures! We also carry various doll genders, including anatomically diverse, female, and male sex dolls for men, women, and non-binary folk alike to enjoy. Here are some of the top sex dolls from Sexyland’s gorgeous gang that you can see in our adult stores or shop for online right now:

Kitty the Lifelike Sex Doll

If Kitty looks familiar to you, that’s because she’s famous! In January of 2021, the Kitty sex doll made Australia’s national news (and a few international media outlets too) after a pair of thieves saw her in the window of one of Sexyland’s adult stores and just couldn’t wait to take her home. She’s a lovely lass for sure, but Sexyland (and the law) strongly advise against such brazen tactics to win Kitty over…😉😉

The Daniel Half Male Sex Doll

This ultra-muscular male sex doll torso has a perfectly sculpted body with the chiselled pecs, abs, and shoulders of an Adonis! He’s also blessed with a fleshy yet firm penis, complete with a veiny shaft that you can enjoy 6.3 inches of inside yourself, and his heavy, solid design means he won’t budge while you’re going for the ride of your life.

The Pipedream Extreme® Fuck Me Silly™ 3 Mega Masturbator

This realistic half sex doll is perfect for men who just can’t get enough of everything from the pelvis down! It perfectly replicates the hips, cheeks, vaginal and anal entrances, legs, and feet of a sculpted woman, letting foot fetishists and leg-lovers be engulfed by her soft, realistic FantaFlesh® folds…

The Sasha Grey Vibrating Pussy & Ass Masturbator

If you’d prefer to start your sex doll journey with a cheaper option, this realistic masturbator from Doc Johnson® is sure to give you a taste of what’s to come! This masturbator is moulded directly from legendary porn actress Sasha Grey and is a great entry point to the world of lifelike sex dolls, adorned with multiple entry points of her own and her signature tuft of iconic pubic hair.

Want to see more of the fabulous realistic sex dolls on offer at Sexyland? Swing by our adult stores to see them on display or shop our online range of hot sex dolls and sex toys for the latest in unreal pleasure!


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