A Sexy Home Movie - Bedroom Fantasies #49

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A Sexy Home Movie

It’s 8:30 in the morning as I wake yet again from a restless sleep. John, my husband, is away on a business trip and I miss having him next to me in our bed. I jump in the shower and consider some solo play; after all, it has been a while since I have had sex.

I lather my body with soap and enjoy caressing myself, but I am pulled back to reality by the opening and closing of the bedroom door. I get out of the shower to see who came into our bedroom and to my surprise, our maid, Lucia, has left a package on my bedside table. Recognising John’s handwriting and intrigued by what it could be, I swiftly open the package. Inside I find a toy. Not just any toy but a brand-new rabbit vibrator. John knows I get wet just thinking about playing with one of my rabbits but why would he send me a new one? Inside I find a note:

My love, while I am away I want you to play with this rabbit. Record yourself for me and send me the movie, so I too can enjoy this new toy from afar. Yours forever, John.

Reading the note makes my nether regions tingle and I immediately grab my phone. I position my phone so that it has a full view of the bed and press record. Sitting on the side of the bed I turn on the rabbit. The low rumbling is a familiar and welcome sound to my ears. I put the tip of the rabbit against one of my nipples, and let the vibrations do their work. Moving from one nipple to the other, the effect is immediate. They stand to attention and the view of my erect nipples gets me even more excited. Slowly I move the tip of the vibrator to my clit. I rub and tease, moving the tip over and away from my clitoris while rubbing it around my labia. “Not yet, not yet,” I whisper to myself, and move the tip of the rabbit back to my nipples. The nipple-to-clit play goes on for a while until I can no longer hold it together. I insert the rabbit and the vibrations start massaging my G-spot. The tension is increasing but I don’t allow myself to let go. After all, this needs to be a memorable movie. 

Moving the rabbit in and out of my vagina is exhilarating but finally I decide to get the maximum out of this wonderful toy and I turn on the rabbit ears. Now my G-spot and my clit are both stimulated, and I can no longer control myself. I come undone in long orgasmic waves with my whole body trembling. I lie panting on the bed and just as I am about to turn off the recording on my phone, Lucia comes in.

She apologises for walking in. “I am sorry, I heard screaming and I wanted to check if you were okay.” She looks at me and I can see from the look in her eyes that she realises what has just happened here. We stare at each other for a moment and then she moves closer.

“Do you need some help with that?” she whispers.

Aware of the fact that the camera is still on, I whisper back, “Yes please.”

She kisses me gently and gives me a quiet moan. Her lips move to my nipples and she expertly massages them. This reignites my fire and my breath quickens. Lucia pushes me on the bed and spreads my legs. She takes me by surprise when she wastes no time putting her tongue on my clit and starts giving me oral sex. The feeling is sensational; I open my legs even more and tilt my buttocks to give her full access. With her fingers she spreads my labia while she licks my whole vagina and sucks my clit. My moaning grows louder, and I am about to come for a second time when Lucia pauses. She looks into my begging eyes and gives me a smile. Leaning over to the bedside table she grabs the rabbit and turns it on.

She moves the tip of the rabbit inside my vagina and pulls it out again. “You are so wet,” she says. “I like it!” She continues to move the tip in and out, in and out, not deep enough for my G-spot but ever so tantalising. My whole body is alight and I take my nipples between my fingers and start massaging them. Lucia continues to tease me with the tip of the rabbit, and I spread my legs as wide as possible to invite her even more in. She finally accepts the invitation and pushes the rabbit deep in me and my G-spot gets the full load. I continue to massage my nipples and I am aware of how engorged they are and how hard my breasts are. My whole body is reacting to this royal treatment. The vibrations are making me insane and I feel I am about to pass out, but Lucia is not done with me yet. 

While she lets the rabbit please my inner place of joy, she puts her lips back on my clit. Her tongue makes circular movements, not quite touching but teasing enough. Her lips start sucking now and I feel that this buildup is finally getting its release. She increases the tempo of the rabbit and the sucking of my clit, and it doesn’t take long before my orgasm comes again in magnificent waves of lust and joy. It goes on and on while she keeps on sucking and the rabbit keeps on rumbling. I let out one last scream and my body gives one final jerk. 

I lie on the bed, spread out and totally exhausted. Lucia gets up and with a devious look on her face she says, “Well that was fun, but now I need to do the washing.” I watch her as she leaves the room while I am still panting from the whole experience. But then I compose myself and walk over to my phone. I stop the recording and press ‘send’.

Time to hit the shower again...

Submitted by Trixie Orange from Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia


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