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Behind Closed Doors Adult Board Game is a delightfully sexy game for fun-loving couples who are looking to add a little erotic fun into their sex play. Perfect for the couple who is willing to leave their playtime up to chance...

The Behind Closed Doors Adult Board Game guarantees a great time. Both partners engage in a scandalously sexy game that promises a night of endless passions and sexual delights!

Set the board up by placing the 3 types of cards in their respective places, and set your pieces on the start position. Roll the die, and move the number of spaces that comes up. The section of the board you land on will give you instructions, you'll end up choosing a card, removing an article of clothing, initiating a make-out session and more, leaving things to chance for unexpected surprised and pleasure for you both. Enjoy!

Behind Closed Doors Adult Board Game features:

  • Collapsible game board
  • 2 game pieces
  • 1 die
  • 3 sets of cards (Foreplay deck, Items deck & Positions Deck.)
  • 120 erotic activities for him
  • 120 erotic activities for her
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