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Some dreams really do come true! Battle in the Bed Adult Board Game is an erotic, adult board game for couples looking to spice up their sex life with a bit of fun and adventure. The aim is to reach joyful, mutual satisfaction. Perfect for new couples to get to know each other and great for bringing new excitement into longer relationships.

Carrying out ever steamier tasks to titillate their partner, the players progress from the Temptation Zone through the Desire Zone to the Battle in the Bed Zone. The game is recommended for fresh couples to easily discover each other’s desires as well as to practiced partners to upheave their routines. 

Battle in the Bed Adult Board Game is the perfect gift idea for newlyweds, Valentine's day, anniversaries or any other occasion!

Game Objective:
Going along the board, the playing couple has to complete increasingly hot and exiting tasks while pleasing each other and themselves. The game starts with easy warm-ups followed my more erotic asks leading to sexual intercourse. Keeping the rules, an increasing appetite is guaranteed. But watch out: players are not allowed to come to the peak before the end of the game. The player who can not keep this rule will have to fulfil every sexual desire of his/her partner!

In the Battle in the Bed Adult Board Game, you must pass three zones to get to the finish:

Temptation Zone:
Here you can attune yourselves to the game with the help of funny, sensual tasks. The player reaching the Temptation Zone pulls a male/female Temptation Card and completes the task.

Desire Zone:
In the Desire Zone you both take off all your clothes but your underwear. The player reaching the Desire Field pulls a male/female card and starts caressing his/her partner by completing the task. Tasks need to be completed within the given time frame on the card. Don’t lose your mind, enjoy the sweet torture! Remember: you cannot come during the game!

Battle in the Bed Zone:
Here you both take off all your clothes! All the tasks in this zone are to be completed with the sand glass and there are no separate male or female cards here as you both have to participate actively! If you come before the end of the game you will have to fulfil every sexual desire of your partner for the rest of the day.

Battle in the Bed Game recommended for adults:
  • new couples just discovering each other
  • any sensual occasion together
  • wedding nights, honeymoons, anniversary nights
  • makes a great gift for newlyweds & honeymooners
  • use after long periods of separation for re-discovery
  • great for couples who just love sensual adventures
  • fun for any couple who just loves a little hanky panky

Battle in the Bed Game features:

  • For 2 players
  • Playing time: 45-60 minutes
  • 1 Game Board
  • 2 playing figures - one female, one male
  • 52 playing cards with tasks
  • 1 Sand glass
  • 1 Dice
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