The Torch

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The Torch

Don't feel like getting naked and frisky under the sheets now that the cold weather is well and truly upon us? This fiery sex position is sure to heat things up in bed to keep you toasty and turned on!

How to perform The Torch sex position

Start with the penetrating partner kneeling back on their haunches with their knees slightly spread. The receiver aligns their genitals with their lover's, facing each other. They then swing their legs over the giver's shoulders and both partners wrap their arms around each other's backs for support and leverage, then thrust and lift away!

Why we love The Torch sex position

While this position requires a fair bit of core strength from the penetrating partner and upper body strength from the receiver, it's well worth the effort! It's suitable for vaginal or anal sex so everyone can enjoy it and offers amazingly deep penetration. There's also lots of close face-to-face intimacy and body contact to keep you both warm this winter! For even more heat, try a silicone-based warming lubricant to keep things toasty and flowing for ages, because trust us, once you're in this position, you won't want to stop for anything, including reapplying lubricant...


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