The Butterfly

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The Butterfly

Love deep, powerful thrusting in bed? This week's sex position, the Butterfly, is a modified version of missionary that offers deeper sensations for the receiver and more leverage for the thruster. It's the perfect way to spread your wings, and more!

How to perform The Butterfly sex position

Start with the receiver laying on their back with their hips at the edge of an elevated surface like a bed, desk, or countertop. Ideally, you'll want to pick something that's as close as possible to genital-height for the thrusting partner when they're standing so your bodies align easily. The receiver then places their ankles on their lover's shoulders, tilting their pelvis up slightly to give them access to their sweet spots! The giver can place their hands on their partner's thighs to pull them closer as they drive themselves into them, or under the hips to support their lower back.

Why we love The Butterfly sex position

This modified missionary sex position gives the penetrating partner the room and leverage to go harder, deeper, and faster for both partners' pleasure. It also carries over all the perks of original missionary like the intimate eye contact, front-on view, and leaving the receiver's hands free for other, shall we say, stimulating activities... 😉

This position works for all gender pairings, vaginally or anally, and is easy to enhance with the right items like a double-ended strap-on and lubricant.


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