Tangled Up In You

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Tangled Up In You

Get wrapped up in your fantasies and submit to this raunchy sex position of the week! This week’s featured sex position does require a certain degree of preparation, communication, and trust between partners, but it’s a fabulous way to explore bondage, so why not indulge your kinky side this week? 😉

Let’s start with the prep: make sure you have a comfortable and clean setting and a safeword you both remember so you can signal instantly that you want to stop or take a break. Next, pick out some restraints that speak to you. Some may prefer a cute pair of fluffy handcuffs, silky rope, or even an under-bed restraint system like the Fetish Fantasy Series® Wraparound Mattress Restraints™. Make sure both you and your partner are comfortable with the type of restraints you’ve picked out and know how to release the captive person when the scene is over, or they say the safeword.

Okay, onto the mechanics. There are a few ways to approach this shape, but one of the easiest is to start in doggy-style with one person on their hands and knees with their partner behind them. The receiving partner on all fours can set themselves up with pillows or an armrest if you’re playing on the couch to ensure they have some neck support that keeps them comfortable. Then, the partner behind them can restrain both hands behind their back with rope or cuffs and use them as leverage while thrusting.. If restraints aren’t your thing but you’re keen to give this one a try, the penetrating partner can simply hold the other person’s hands behind their back without tying them up, which lets you get out of this position quickly and easily any time either of you want! Remember to keep communication open, or if you’re feeling extra-adventurous and are using a gag with this position, keep a non-verbal safeword handy for the restrained person, like a set of keys to jangle or a squeaky dog toy 😉


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