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Play Your Own WayAs we enter into a new month, we celebrate this new month for what it is: Masturbation May! This week, our top pick for the sex position is this fun little number that’s great for spicing up your self-love game, especially if you’ve fallen into a rut. The best way to try something new is by trying it solo at your own pace first, so find a comfy spot, set the mood, grab your favourite toy if you’ve got one, and get ready for playtime in a new position…

Now that the set-up is ready, roll onto your belly and find an angle where you can easily move against your hand or your toy of choice. This position gives your hips lots of freedom to grind and thrust your way to climax which can offer different sensations compared to lying on your back or sitting in a desk chair.. You can also take this shape out of the bedroom for something more exciting and try it with your head on the couch armrest, an armchair, or even the bathtub!

Some of our favourite toy picks for this position are the ones that are designed to glide over your intimate areas, and with some flexibility to them since the angle can be a little fiddly for stiff toys. Something like the Luddi Ziggy is a great choice for every body thanks to its ultra-versatile design that suits everyone, no matter where they fall on the gender or able-bodied spectrum! Its 8 vibration modes are also whisper-quiet so you can play in peace and privacy and focus on your pleasure rather than the buzzing.


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