Flip it and Reverse it

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Flip it and Reverse it

Putting your thang down, flipping it and reversing it has been around long before Missy Elliott coined the phrase, and it’s no surprise that her song paying homage to this sex position was such a hit!

To perform this position, think good ol’ cowgirl, then turn it around to face away from your partner while riding. Straddle their lap with one of your legs on either side of their hips, placing your hands on their legs for support if you need it. They can also slightly bend their legs at the knee to give you a raised platform to place your hands or lean your body against as you grind and ride your partner to climax. If you’re playing solo, this position is also possible to do with a suction-cupped dildo.

This sex position requires a little more mindfulness from the rider than standard cowgirl due to the angle making it easier to injure the penetrating partner. Slow, deep thrusts and gentle rocking motions make this one a winner. If you want more stimulation, try adding a vibrating cock ring around the base of your partner’s penis/dildo! Sexyland are big fans of Screaming O’s® new 4B Ohare® Vibrating Cock & Ball Ring, which has a new 4B motor for deep, bass-like rumbling that is sure to please anyone’s clitoris or perineum while grinding…


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