Bobbing For Apples

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Bobbing For Apples

If you're excited for Halloween candy but can't wait until the end of October, why not enjoy another kind of sweet treat – your partner! This week's featured sex position is a fun grownups-only twist on the classic Halloween activity, bobbing for apples, with more than just fruit waiting for you when you win your prize...

How to perform the Bobbing For Apples sex position

Hold your hands behind your backs and take turns giving each other hands-free oral, moving your head and neck to position yourself. Licking, sucking, nibbling gently, and swirling or rapidly tapping your tongue against their sweet spots can provide a whole array of pleasurable sensations, so have fun and experiment with it!

Why we love the Bobbing For Apples sex position

This position opens up so many possibilities for Dom/sub play and power exchange if you're feeling extra frisky! You can have your partner hold your wrists together above your head and give instructions on how to please them, or you can try out a pair of cuffs for a more intense feeling of control. Sexyland's customers can't get enough of these fluffy metal handcuffs by Sex & Mischief, which are lockable for extra security and come with 2 keys (one as a spare), plus a quick-release for total peace of mind while you play!


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