Double the Fun, Double the Pleasure: Why You Need Double-Ended Dildos In Your Sex Life

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Double the Fun, Double the Pleasure: Why You Need Double-Ended Dildos In Your Sex Life

Whether you’re playing nice and sharing your toys with others or doubling down on your own pleasure, double-ended dildos are some of the best sex toys around for lesbian couples or double penetration. These dildos may look intimidating at first, but we promise that these versatile sex toys will fill you with pleasure, and more!

What is a double-ended dildo?

Double-ended dildos (AKA double-sided dildos or dual dongs) consist of a long insertable shaft with a sculpted head on both ends that can penetrate you and/or a partner vaginally, anally, or both at once depending on the dildo and your preferences. Traditionally, double-ended dildos are considered lesbian sex toys, but you can use one with or without a partner, and they’re suitable for people of all genders who like penetrative stimulation. There’s a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and materials to choose from, as well as varying degrees of realism, so you’re sure to find the perfect dual-ended dildo for you with just a little exploration at Sexyland’s adult shops!

How do double-ended dildos work?

Typically, double-sided dildos come in one of three designs:

Long, straight double-ended dildos

These can be used by two people at once (one on either end), and are usually flexible so you can bend them to suit your positions, or to experiment with double penetration. Sexyland stocks double-ended dildos ranging from 10 to 19 inches in length, so consider the size you and any partners you want to use the dildo with will enjoy and be comfortable using.

Curved double-ended dildos

These rigid shapes are designed for simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration for a solo user. It’s common for them to have one larger and one smaller head, as well as a shaft that gets thicker towards the larger head, so you can decide which of your orifices gets to take which head.

Strapless strap-ons

Usually, these double-ended dildos are L-shaped with the wearer’s end being shorter than the receiver’s. The partner controlling the dildo takes on a top role and uses their kegel muscles to hold their end of the dildo inside their vagina while their lover receives their thrusts.

How to use a double-ended dildo

First and foremost, a good lubricant is a must when it comes to penetrative toys. Water-based lubricants are compatible with all sex toy materials, but if your toy is made of something firm like wood, glass, ceramic, or metal, a silicone-based lubricant will also work if you want longer-lasting slickness. As with all sex toys, if you’re using double-ended dildos with a partner, it’s worth keeping some condoms on hand so you reduce the risk of transmitting STIs or general infections to each other.

Now, onto the actual insertion! Some double-sided dildos have two different sizes on either end, so pick which one goes where, or who gets which if you’re playing with a partner. Gravity will unfortunately work against you and your dual dong, so avoid standing sex positions. If your dildo is flexible, you can bend it to suit whatever position you choose to start in. If you’d like to use it in its straight form for maximum length during penetration, it’s easy for you or a partner to grab the exposed part of the shaft between your bodies and move it back and forth with one of your hands, or to thrust yourselves up and down its length.

If your double dong has a firm curved shape for dual penetration, hold it at the base of the curve for the best manoeuvrability and try inserting it from a few different positions to find the one that works best for you, such as lying on your back or kneeling. If your partner is doing the inserting for you, you can also try lying on your side with one leg raised up or on all fours with your hips raised, doggy-style. From there, one of you can take hold of the curved section like a handle and plunge it in and out of you until you’re satisfied!

Sexyland’s best double-ended dildos

The Pretty Love Valerie Vibrating Strapless Strap-On

This butterfly-themed beauty buzzes in 12 tantalising modes of vibration that both partners will love and features bulbous ridged heads with dual motors for great G-spot stimulation. The wide butterfly wings help this sex toy sit flush against the wearer’s skin and offers a comfortable fit while you play together with this double-ended vibrating dildo! Its silky-smooth silicone body is waterproof for easy cleaning, as well as hot and steamy sessions in the shower or bath so you can have as much fun in the bathroom as you can in the bedroom.

The Colours DP Pleasure Double Penetration Dildo

This U-shaped dong holds its curved shape while still having some give in its silicone body to flex with your movements. Its realistically phallic design features differently sized tapered heads that are easy to insert, plus a veiny textured shaft for extra sensation as it glides in and out of you!

The Doc Johnson® Jr. Veined Double Header 12” Dildo

This straight yet flexible double-ended dildo has phallic ridged heads that offer that satisfying ‘pop’ sensation as they enter you and a veiny textured shaft that’s the same thickness all the way down so both partners get the same experience. The firm PVC feels satisfyingly solid and is sure to spice up your sex life together!

Keen to shop the latest and greatest sex toys? Pop into Sexyland’s adult stores and ask a friendly Fun Specialist for advice, or browse our online collection of double-ended dildos and other hot sex toys!


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