The Best Rabbit Vibrators to Hop Into Easter

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Easter has a lot going for it already, from cheeky chocolates to time off work, and of course, who could forget about those cute bunnies?

Well, at Sexyland, we enjoy rabbits a little differently around here 😉

This Easter, we’re celebrating the legendary rabbit vibrator, made all the more of an icon thanks to that scene in Sex and the City. Sexyland is taking 20% off all our rabbit vibrators so you can treat yourself to something even sweeter than the usual chocolate bunnies this year…

What are rabbit vibrators?

A rabbit vibrator is a sex toy that has an insertable shaft and an external arm that extends out from the rest of the toy. The arm is often shaped like a bunny rabbit or just two ears, giving this toy its iconic name! They work by offering penetrative vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time, which makes the rabbit vibe a favourite among women and people with vulvas. Some vibrators let you control the internal and external vibrations separately so you can tailor your pleasure precisely to your liking, while other vibrators keep it simple and synchronise both parts so they’re always buzzing in time with each other.

Many rabbit vibrators have specially shaped insertable heads that are designed to target the G-spot, and when the G-spot and clitoris are stimulated at the same time, this can result in what’s known as a ‘blended orgasm’. There are even rabbit vibrators that can also provide anal stimulation on top of the vaginal and clitoral pleasure, because for some folks, more is more!

How to use a rabbit vibrator

Start with a generous helping of water-based lubricant on both arms — even though only the larger shaft is going inside you, you may want to use your hands to thrust your rabbit vibrator in and out like a dildo. If this is the case, you’ll appreciate the clitoral arm gliding over your skin rather than dragging against it, trust us.

Once your toy is lubricated, the best way to start using a rabbit vibrator is in a lying down position on your back, then gently ease the toy into yourself. You can spread your legs and bend them at the knee or put a pillow under your hips to make insertion easier. After the shaft is inside, align the external arm with your clitoris and apply as much or as little pressure as you want.

Got everything in place? You’re now ready to activate those ~good vibrations~! 

Depending on your specific rabbit vibrator, your toy may have multiple buttons that control different functions and the on/off switch. We recommend checking your toy’s instruction manual for exact details on what each button does, or you can even test out the vibes in your hand and get acquainted with them before you get started.

What are some of the best rabbit vibrator sex toys?

Everybody’s body and preferences are different, so there’s not really a one-size-fits-all rabbit. However, that just means there are more options and plenty of possibilities to choose from!

The best rabbit vibrator for G-spot stimulation

Have you ever wondered why lots of vibrators have the same bulbous design to them? This is because it’s a great shape to stimulate the G-spot! You see, the G-spot is located a few inches inside the vaginal canal on the front wall, so that curved, bulbous shape is designed to fill you and put pressure on the walls for optimum vibe placement. The Chic™ Blossom Thumping G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator from CalExotics® not only vibrates, but it has a special oscillating pad that thumps right up against your G-spot to bring out your best O-face! This provides targeted stimulation that’s even deeper than regular vibrations for seriously intense orgasms that’ll have you saying OMG every time!

The best rabbit vibrator for clitoral stimulation

If you’ve ever run your fingers over a facial cleanser brush or scalp massager with loads of little silicone bristles and admired the luxuriously and pleasantly tickly texture, you’re in for a treat with this next vibe. The Foreplay Frenzy Climaxer Rabbit Vibrator With Clitoral Ticklers is exactly what it sounds like, with a curved, bulbous G-spot shaft and a broad, disc-like arm that surrounds your clitoris with dozens of silicone teasers for the ultimate blended sex-perience! There are 12 tantalising vibration modes to enjoy, and there’s a clever memory chip that remembers your favourite setting (based on which one you last used) so you can skyrocket yourself to where you’d rather be…

The best rabbit vibrator for anal stimulation

If you love stimulation on top of stimulation, a rabbit vibrator with an anal beads attachment like The Beaded D.P. Rabbit™ from The Rabbit Company™ is a fab choice. It offers external clitoral vibration plus double penetration for an unbeatable full feeling that hits all your most sensitive erogenous zones. For extra sensation, the shaft has rotating beads inside at the base for a unique ‘rimming’ effect that’ll have your toes curling tighter than ever!

The most dildo-like rabbit vibrator

Love the feeling of phallic penetration? FemmeFunn’s® Vortex Series 2.0 Wireless Turbo Rotating Rabbit Vibrator is the one for you! It has a realistically shaped shaft with a ridged head and bulging veins, plus the bunny stimulator for your clitoris to enjoy. The whole thing vibrates and rotates, and there’s even a suction cup so you can mount your rabbit vibrator like a dildo and go for a hands-free ride…

Everything in this article, plus the rest of Sexyland’s range of rabbit vibrators is on sale for 20% off until the 11th of April this year. Jump online or head into one of our adult store locations and fill up the Easter Bunny’s basket before this deal hops away…


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