The Best Massage Oils For All Your Slippery Fantasies

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The Best Massage Oils For All Your Slippery Fantasies

Slip and slide your way into some sensual fun with these massage oils and lubricants! These are perfect for getting hands-on with that special someone or treating yo’self…

How to give a sensual massage

There’s nothing more relaxing than a rubdown with sensual oils that glide over your skin. Why not enhance the mood with some of these tips for sexy oil massages?

  • Set the mood — a massage is already great, but a massage amongst scattered rose petals, the flickering flames of a scented candle, and a relaxing music playlist in the background? Now we’re talking.
  • Warm the massage oil — rub the massage oil between your hands first to get it to a comfortable body temperature before spreading it across the skin. Not only does this give your hands a beautiful glide without smearing oil all over the recipient’s skin, it also reduces the likelihood of drips and spills.
  • Explore different sensations — using a variety of massage motions, pressure, and techniques gives everyone a chance to find what works best for their body and suits their preferences. Try combining a variety of massage motions like using your thumbs in circular motions, using the base of the palm of your hands in flowing strokes, and light ‘chopping’ with your hands side-on. Listen to their body language to gauge their enjoyment and ask for feedback on how you’re doing to ensure your massage is exactly what they need.
  • Pay attention to the whole body — it’s common for a massage to concentrate on areas like the back and shoulders, but why not give the often-overlooked areas some love too? You can gently massage spots like the earlobe and the nape of the neck, or focus on larger areas like the calves and the back of the arms.
  • Add some erotic elements — once you’ve got your partner’s consent, don’t be afraid to get creative! Indulge in some light sensory deprivation play by slipping a silky blindfold over their eyes while you knead out their knots. You can also add some extra sensation to the massage! Did you know that popping, warming and cooling massage oils exist? Well, you do now! 😏

  • Feel free to use more than just your hands — what better excuse to get up close and personal with your partner than switching to edible massage oils? There are tons of edible massage oils to explore and you can also try an edible massage candle for some added heat! If you’re feeling adventurous, try out nuru massage, which is an erotic Japanese massage form that originates from the Japanese word for ‘slippery’. The masseuse uses their whole body to provide the massage, with a special nuru massage gel that gives a wonderful glide for intimate full-body contact.

How to clean up massage oil

Did you make a mess when exploring massage oils? No worries, here’s our handy step-by-step guide to help you get the oil stains out of your sheets 😉

  1. Use patting motions on the stain to soak up the oil while it’s still wet if possible. Avoid rubbing as this can drive the stain deeper into the material.
  2. Sprinkle some bicarbonate soda (A.K.A ‘baking soda’) and leave it for 15 minutes to help draw the oil out of the fibres.
  3. Pre-treat the stain with some liquid detergent, or soak it in hot water mixed with detergent.
  4. Wash your sheets as normal in the hottest water your material can handle (which will be listed in the care instructions on the tag).

How much does massage oil cost?

Sexyland sells massage oils that start at $13.95 so everyone can enjoy some sensual self-care, like this soothing, scented Lavender & Ylang-Ylang Massage Oil by Four Seasons®. For something a little ~extra~, we love the Intt Pearls In Love Massage Kit! This luxury massage duo includes a silicone-based massage gel and a smooth pearl necklace to offer new sensations all over your body for $69.95. The pearls can wrap around your body to provide stimulation as they roll over your skin, or you can hold the strands straight and pull them back and forth to get some targeted sensations.

Want more variety? The Wildfire® All My Love Pleasure Oil Gift Pack costs just $49.95 and comes with 3 of Wildfire’s bestselling 4-in-1 Massage Oils (Original, Enhance Her, and Black), which have been scientifically formulated to increase sexual energy and performance. When you massage this oil into the skin, the heat and friction help deliver the herbal aphrodisiac infusion directly, all while satisfying your senses with soothing aromatherapy. The 4-in-1 versatility provides a great glide for massages, moisturises skin, elevates a regular bath by transforming it into a luxurious oil bath, and it can even be used as an intimate lubricant after the massage is over!

Where to buy massage oil

Sexyland carries massage oils, gels, and other sensual goodies in all of our stores, both physical and online. Browse our collections of massage oils, gels, and accessories online, or pop into your nearest Sexyland adult shop to see them in person! You can also chat with our Fun Specialists about the kinds of sensual sensations you’re looking to indulge in.


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