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With more people spending nearly every hour at home, you might find it increasingly difficult to find ways to stay active and healthy. Lockdown doesn’t have to be boring and dull! There are heaps of fun and exciting ways you can spice things up while improving your overall sexual fitness and well-being, all from the confines of your own home.

Let’s talk about everyone’s favourite topic... SEX!!

Many people may already be aware of this but in case you haven’t heard, sex is actually very good for you! Having a healthy sex life boosts your libido, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, relieves stress, boosts immunity and best of all, it’s an incredible form of exercise. Having sex provides many of the same benefits as an intense cardio workout. Your body burns calories while simultaneously flexing and stretching muscles throughout your entire body. The thrusting motion of sex not only gets you a great cardio workout, it also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor and tones muscles all over. We can’t think of a better way to get your heart racing!

Sex Games:

Like with any physical activity, the level of fitness you can achieve from sex depends on what you put into it. It’s a good thing trying new positions while having sex is so much fun and feels so good! And if you’re running out of ideas or need some extra inspiration, look no further! We recommend trying some erotic sex games. Not only are they fun to play, they’re full of erotic sexual positions and ideas you can try. Playing an erotic sex game adds that extra touch of wild anticipation that heightens your sexual experience. It gives you both an escape from the usual routine and challenges you to try new things. Depending on the punishment or reward, it gives you both an added incentive to lose or win with an ending both will likely enjoy.

The games below each contain activities and sexual positions that will encourage sexual fitness and challenge you and your partner to explore yourselves and each other in new and exciting ways.

Sexual Health

Having sex isn’t the only way to improve your sexual fitness. Both men and women face challenges that can be frustrating at times. Many of us are simply too busy to take time for ourselves. But with many of us confined to our homes, with so much time on our hands, there has never been a better time to focus on self-improvement.

Female Sexual Health

Ladies! You’ve birthed babies, shared your body with other tiny humans and dedicated your life to caring for those little people. You’ve literally devoted your mind, body and soul to their needs. Maybe you don’t feel as sexy as you did before kids or maybe you’re dealing with bladder weakness that makes sneezing no laughing matter. Let’s face it. Having kids takes a lot out of us but we shouldn’t let that dictate our sexual fitness and well-being!

Take control of the situation and enjoy doing it! Kegal Sex Toys are the best way to get your pelvic floor in shape and strengthen those muscles. Whether you’re dealing with weak pelvic muscles from childbirth or other conditions or simply want to improve your orgasmic experience, you will definitely want to try kegel exercises.

Kegel Exercises

For best results, we recommend kegel exercises on a regular basis, using one of our specially designed Kegel Training Kits. Because these kegel balls are weighted, you can start with the lower weighted ball and gradually work your way up, increasing your exercise intensity. Another very useful kegel tool comes in the Inspire Silicone Dilator Set. These are ergonomically curved tools, designed to restore and revive vaginal strength while easing discomfort many women experience during sex. This kit comes in graduated sizes that enable you to train your vaginal muscles to relax and become used to penetration.

Some other great benefits of kegel exercises include intensified orgasms, improved ability to reach orgasm, reduced incontinence, improved muscle tone, increased vaginal lubrication, improved blood control and so much more!

Male Sexual Health

Gentlemen... we haven’t forgotten you! We get it. You’ve got the world on your shoulders and the mounting pressures of life never seem to end. Maybe the stress has got you feeling down or less motivated in the bedroom and you need a lift? That’s ok! Most men go through this at some stage in their lives.

We’ve got a huge range of Male Sexual Enhancers that can help improve your libido and sexual prowess. We recommend trying the Raging Bull, uniquely formulated to improve penile strength & size, blood flow and libido while enhancing your erection strength.

Penis Pumps

Another effective method for improving your sexual experience is the Penis Pump. These help enlarge the penis for a bigger, fuller sexual experience. Many men face erectile dysfunction due to poor blood flow to their penis. Other factors that affect sexual well-being in men include depression, psychological problems and prostate trouble. Don’t let these things stop you from having fun! We recommend trying the Pump Worx Beginner’s Auto Vac Kit if you’re new to pumps. The Bathmate Hydromax 7 Penis Pump is a powerful water-based pump that is 250% more effective than air pumps.

Penis Sleeves

Maybe you just want to dive right in and get to it but you want to offer deeper, fuller penetration? Cock Sleeves are the perfect solution to increasing size and girth for instant pleasure! Sleeves slip over the penis, adding extra girth and/or length to the male erection. The Fantasy X-Tensions Mega 3” Extension is ready for delivery in just 2 hours or less with our Quickie 1-2 hour delivery service!

Ejaculation Control

Need help controlling ejaculation? Try the JO Prolonger Maximum Strength Pro-Longer Spray. Nothing spoils the fun like having premature ejaculation. Make it last longer and climax together and nobody will be disappointed.

Take care of yourselves. There’s never been a better time to pamper your body and love yourself. Make the most of this time at home and make every moment count. Have fun in ways you never could before. Life is meant to be lived.



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