Sexyland’s EOFY Sale Guide to Sex Toys for Men*

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Disclaimer: This article discusses sex toys marketed towards cis men of all sexualities, though they can be used by anyone with a penis or prostate.

Whether you’ve been teetering on the fence of whether or not you should start exploring sex toys for men, or you’ve been waiting for a new toy to catch your eye, this is your sign! Not only are adult toys for male bodies just as valid and fun as anyone else’s, but you’re just in time for the Sexyland EOFY sale — there are some serious discounts happening over at Sexyland, both online and at our adult shops, so there’s never been a better time to indulge. Sexyland’s EOFY sale includes all kinds of male sex toys, including cock rings, couples and solo male masturbators, prostate stimulators, and male vibrators — why not come find out what all the ~buzz~ is about?

Different Types of Male Sex Toys

If you’re overwhelmed by the varieties of sex toys for men we just listed, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what each of these male sex devices do.

  • Masturbators — solo male masturbators are sleeve-like toys that are designed to enhance the stroking sensations of natural male masturbation techniques and come in a huge variety of sizes, designs, and textures. Some of them are completely soft, which allows you to squeeze and stretch them however you like around your erection, while others come in hard cases that make it easy to hold and stroke them up and down.
  • Sex dolls — these are basically the bigger version of masturbators and are often life-sized with hyper-realistic details. Full-size pelvises offer both vaginal and anal entry, torso masturbators are sculpted with everything a real person would be able to offer between the neck and thighs, and there are also complete lifelike sex dolls that are fully customisable from head to toe to bring any sexual fantasy of yours to life…
  • Cock rings — as the name suggests, these toys are rings that go around your erection, either at the base of the shaft, behind the testicles, or both if your toy has a dual cock and ball ring design. The ring should fit snugly so it can restrict blood flow away from your erection, helping you stay harder for longer, and even delay your orgasm for longer-lasting masturbation or sex with a partner, but it shouldn’t be too tight. When used correctly, cock rings should not be painful. The sensation might take some getting used to at first, but if the ring hurts or causes numbness or bruising, remove it right away — you may need a different size or style of ring to suit your body.
  • Dildos — these penetrative pleasure toys can be used by anyone and everyone, and are designed to fill an orifice to put a pleasant feeling of fullness and pressure against the sensitive nerves lining the inner walls. Insertable vibrators serve this purpose as well, and can also be gender-neutral! The main differences between female and male vibrators are that male vibrators always need to have a flared base so that they’re safe for anal use. The flared stopper can take the form of a T-shaped handle, an external arm, a suction cup, or testicles (in the case of realistic dildos) to prevent the toy from getting lost inside the rectum.
  • Butt plugs — these toys are usually cone-shaped for easy insertion via the tapered tip, followed by a bulbous body that stretches the anal opening for an unforgettable feeling of fullness. They come in all sizes and materials, though we recommend starting small and with non-porous materials that are easier to clean, like silicone and metal. Like all anal toys, flared bases are a must with plugs.
  • Anal beads — these toys feature multiple ‘beads’ that are connected on a single strand, often increasing in size as you near the base. The beads offer more intense filling sensations and stimulation as you progress to the largest bead, at a pace you’re comfortable with of course. Anal toys are best paired with anal-specific lubricant, which is usually thicker and longer-lasting than regular lubricant, which provides a cushioning effect and ensures the sensitive rectal tissue is protected from friction and dryness.
  • Prostate stimulators — these go inside the anus and are designed to target the ultra-sensitive prostate gland to produce a prostate orgasm, which is said to feel intensely pleasurable and different from a penile orgasm. Prostate stimulators are specially shaped to pinpoint the P-spot, which is positioned below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Prostate massagers are best suited to people who have prostates (men and AMAB people), though people without prostates can still use them, but they won’t get anything more out of a specially shaped prostate stimulator compared to any other anal toy.
  • Urethral sounds — these are narrow rods that are designed to be inserted inside the urethra to stimulate the sensitive nerves inside the penis. These should always be well-lubricated with water-based lubricant and allowed to slide into place with just gravity and very gentle pressure if needed, never with forcible insertion.
  • Vibrating wands — these high-powered, gender-neutral sex toys are great for full-body massages wherever your sore muscles demand attention, and can also be directed towards intimate areas like the base of the penis and perineum. Vibrating wands themselves are not designed to be used inside the body, but many have insertable or masturbator sleeve-style wand attachments available for purchase separately for more versatile fun!
  • Penis pumps — these pumps use vacuum suction and pressure to draw blood flow into your penis, increasing the strength and longevity of your erection, and can even temporarily boost size! You can look up pumping routines like gym training programs to implement on your own, or get an automatic pump that has training programs built in. If you prefer a gentler, yet deeper-feeling of vacuum pressure, using a water pump like these ones from Bathmate® may be more comfortable, especially for first-timers.
  • Penis sleeves — these thick sleeves sit over the top of your penis and can enhance your erection in a number of ways, from adding girth and length to adding stimulating textures on the inside or outside for you and/or a partner to enjoy!

Choosing the Right Sex Toy

Not sure which of these male sex devices is right for you? Ask yourself the following questions and we’ll guide you to the right toy for you, choose-your-own-adventure style:

What part of your body do you want to stimulate?
  • If you said ‘penis’, masturbators, cock rings, penis pumps, and sex dolls are right this way.
  • If you said ‘anus’ or ‘prostate’, check out anal beads, butt plugs, dildos, and prostate stimulators.
  • If you said ‘urethra’, see Sexyland’s range of urethral sounds, and don’t forget to brush up on urethral sounding safety before getting started so you have the best experience.
  • If you said ‘nipples’, nipple clamps are the one for you.
  • If you said ‘whole body’, vibrating wands (with or without male vibrator attachments like masturbator sleeves) are where it’s at!

Do you want your toy to look like real human anatomy? Would you prefer to do most of the work during play, or let the toy do most of the work?
  • If you would prefer to be in total control, a non-motorised toy is your best bet. Manual strokers work the same way you would naturally masturbate. Anal toys can be used with or without their motors activated for a stationary, filling ‘presence’ while manual prostate stimulators provide extra stimulation when you clench and relax your pelvic floor muscles (yes, men and AMAB folks can do kegels too!)
  • If you want to lay back, relax, and let your toy take over, an automatic, hands-free option is sure to be a worthwhile, luxury splurge for you! You can either buy a toy that has all of these capabilities built in like the Lovense Solace, Maxtasy Stroke Master, or the Autoblow, or get a non-motorised toy and pair it with an accessory that moves the toy for you, like the Fleshlight Universal Launch or the Kiiroo Keon.


Do you want your toy to enhance your erection?
  • If you’d like to enhance your size, penis pumps and extenders are the perfect toys to incorporate into your self-care and self-pleasure routine to increase both penis length and girth.
  • If you’d like to stay harder for longer, a cock ring is your ticket to harder, longer-lasting erections!
  • If you’re living with ED or premature ejaculation and want a toy that can boost your confidence as well as a partner’s pleasure, check out penis sleeves, cock rings, and hollow strap-ons

The best sex toys for men on sale right now

To round off this article, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best sex toys for men that are currently discounted as part of Sexyland’s EOFY sale, because you deserve only the best 👌👌

  • TENGA® Egg masturbators — these super-stretchy egg-shaped sleeves are world-famous thanks to their pleasurable sensations, affordable price point, and one-size-fits-most design that suits a wide variety of bodies. They’re textured inside to offer a variety of stimulating sensations with every stroke, and are one of the best sex toys for men who are new to adult toys. Sexyland is currently discounting all TENGA eggs to a special price of $13.99, available in soft gel, firm gel, and a see-through version for everyone to watch the action up close and personal!
  • $20 off of the Riley Reid vaginal Fleshlight® — this super-realistic masturbator comes from the Fleshlight Girls™ range and is moulded directly from the vulva of uber-popular pornstar, Riley Reid, for a lifelike look and feel. Inside, the soft, skin-like material is patterned with Riley’s signature Utopia texture that the Fleshlight team designed just for this sleeve, featuring a revolutionary coiled design and unique pleasure pockets full of nubby bristles to massage you all over!
  • X-Men’s® Double-Ended Vibrating Ribbed Prostate Massager — this dual-sided male vibrator features a flexible shaft with a tapered, plug-like tip at the end of the curved neck for awesome P-spot stimulation, and a bubbly, ribbed texture for satisfying ‘rippling’ sensations against your entrance. Once you’re ready for more stimulation,you can activate 10 vibration modes in either head thanks to the independent dual motors! Like the rest of the X-Men range, this item has a tasty 20% taken off it… 😉
  • Life-Size Lower Body Xise Masturbators — if you’re looking for something substantial but aren’t ready to commit to a full-size lifelike sex doll, a half- or quarter-size sex doll could be the perfect way to dip your toe before diving in (especially at 20% off). Some of these models even have ‘contraction’ functions to mimic the natural throbbing and suction sensations of a real woman’s kegels tensing and relaxing around you as you thrust!

Ready to pump up the pleasure and send off this EOFY with a bang? Shop men’s sex toys online or in-person at your nearest Sexyland adult store and snag your savings before the Sexyland sale ends!


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