Satisfyer Pro 2 vs the New Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 Review & Comparison

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Satisfyer Pro 2 vs the New Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 Review & Comparison

The Satisfyer team has done it again, y’all. The third-generation Satisfyer Pro 2 clitoral stimulator is one of the newest adult toys to join Sexyland’s ranks and is already well on its way to making as big of a splash as its bestselling predecessor! There’s quite a few versions of the Satisfyer Pro out there so we know there might be some confusion around all the different models. One of them is even called the Satisfyer Pro 3, but the toy this article is about isn’t the Pro 3; we’re discussing the third iteration of the Pro 2 since the Pro 2 has well and truly taken the world by storm and outsells all other Satisfyer Pro models because people with clitorises just love it that much! Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of both models, including what the differences are between the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Pro 2 Gen 3.

How many Satisfyer Pro sex toys are there?

One consistent point of confusion with Satisfyer Pro adult toys comes from how they’re named, because they’re all called similar things. Great for generating search and sales traffic, but not so much for actually helping customers understand which model they want 😅

Let the Sexyland Fun Specialists clear this up for you: 

  1. First up, there was the original Satisfyer Pro 2, which has been discontinued for several years as of writing this article.
  2. Then came the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, which is now often referred to simply as the ‘Satisfyer Pro 2’ since the OG isn’t around anymore. This is the model we mean when this article discusses the ‘Pro 2’.
  3. The Satisfyer Pro 2+ is next, and it’s essentially the Satisfyer Pro 2 but with extra vibration functions.
  4. The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 is the third version of the Pro 2, and comes in an app-compatible version as well as a non-app compatible version. Both versions include that beautiful new Liquid Air Technology head we’ll be discussing soon. The Pro 2 Gen 3 models are the newest ones that are the focus of this article.
  5. The Satisfyer Pro 3+ is a completely different toy in a totally different shape that may suit other people’s bodies better than the Pro 2, though the functions are similar to the Pro 2+.

What’s the big deal about Satisfyer sex toys?

Alright, so we know there’s a lot of Satisfyer toys now and that the Pro 2 is the best-selling of them all. What is the Satisfyer Pro 2 and what does it actually do?

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is an uber-popular sex toy that has sold like hotcakes for several years now and has garnered thousands of positive reviews in that time (hundreds of which you can see on Sexyland’s Satisfyer Pro 2 page or that you probably saw making waves on social media). It generates air pressure waves that feel like pulsing and suction to stimulate the user’s clitoris without making direct contact with it, unlike a traditional vibrator would. This results in orgasms that feel different in both build-up and intensity, and also won’t leave you feeling overly sensitive, meaning you can go again sooner and more frequently!

It’s not hard to see why the Satisfyer sex toys are so popular now, right? 😉

How the Satisfyer Pro 2 toys function

The Satisfyer Pro 2

This model comes with the standard head already attached and delivers 11 heavenly pressure wave modes at the touch of a button, with the ability to scroll up and down through the intensity levels to find your perfect settings.

The Gen 3 (non-app version)

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 has 11 air pulse settings and 12 vibration patterns to enjoy, each powered by their own individual motor and controlled by an independent button on the toy so you can mix and match your modes to your liking. It comes with the standard head already attached, plus the new Liquid Air Technology cap in the box. The LAT cap is quite similar to the original head, except instead of a hollow canal, it has a thin, feather-soft panel of silicone stretched over the chamber that lightly flutters against your clitoris in the rhythm of whatever setting you’ve chosen. This creates a direct but gentle sensation that feels like a hot tub jet, softly bubbling away in all the right spots without the need for an actual hot tub!

The Gen 3 (app version)

The app-compatible version of the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 is exactly what it sounds like. It has all the same functions as its non-app counterpart and more through the data-secure Satisfier Connect smartphone app. You can use your phone as a remote for your toy if that’s easier for you than the onboard buttons, and you can even give your partner control of your toy for short- or long-distance play! There’s also lots of other features, like creating your own custom vibration patterns, syncing vibrations up to ambient noise or the beat of your favourite music, and even accessing Remotyca's database of narrated erotic stories! This is perfect for people who enjoy listening to audio erotica and out-loud sex literature while they’re masturbating or playing with a partner.

The build & body designs

The Satisfyer Pro 2

This well-loved toy has a matte, metallic ABS plastic body that Sexyland carries in the iconic rose gold shade, as well as the understated lilac purple hue. The clitoral chamber that makes contact with your skin is the only part that’s made of silicone, though the whole unit is fully waterproof thanks to its magnetic charging. With no open charging port to worry about, you can take your toy into the shower or bath with you and clean up in a flash after the fun is done, especially since the silicone cap is removable.

The Gen 3

This newer model got a sleek, premium upgrade and is now made entirely from silicone for that super-smooth, luxe feeling in your hand and around your clitoris. The head is also easily interchangeable so you can swap between the standard cap and the Liquid Air Tech cap whenever you want. It’s still fully waterproof and still has that convenient magnetic charger that clicks itself into the place — all you have to do is aim the cable! It's available in stunning burgundy, sleek black, and lovely lilac shades to suit your tastes.

How to use these clitoral stimulators

The Satisfyer Pro 2

There are 3 control buttons: the separate power button and the +/- buttons that have a shared silicone interface. To turn your Satisfyer Pro 2 on, a short press of the power button will immediately start the air pulses at the lowest power level. The + and - buttons increase and decrease the intensity of the air pulses accordingly. A long press of the power button will turn off your toy.

The Gen 3

Things are a little different on this model — it still has the same 3-button layout with 2 functions sharing one large button, but their purposes have had to move around since the Gen 3 does vibration as well. The middle button is the power button on this model, so hold that down for a few seconds to turn on the air pulses at the lowest level. A short tap of the power button will turn the air pulse intensity up while pressing the button at the other end of the silicone oval reduces the setting strength. To activate the vibrations, hit the big round button (where the Pro 2’s power button is) and tap it to cycle through all 12 speed and pattern options.

Ready to buy your perfect Satisfyer Pro 2 toy? Shop Sexyland’s online range of Satisfyer adult toys and get 2-hour delivery on any of the Pro 2’s discussed in this article, or head into your nearest Sexyland store and chat to our friendly Fun Specialists about which Satisfyer sex toy is right for you!


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