Let's Get Sex-perimental! Your Guide to the New Tech Shaping the Sex Toy Industry

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Let's Get Sex-perimental! Your Guide to the New Tech Shaping the Sex Toy Industry

Humans are constantly innovating and inventing things to find new ways to improve our lives, and as a result, our creature comfort technologies have gotten pretty futuristic. Even sex toys have advanced far beyond their humble origins (which archaeologists think date back to almost 30,000 years ago)! These days, high-tech sex toys can offer entirely new sensations for orgasms that feel completely different to what we’d be able to achieve on our own, and a lot of the latest sex toys are electronic and can be remotely controlled, react in real-time, and even come with special smart functions to make your experience more realistic. Here’s a look at some of the best high-tech adult toys Sexyland has to offer in our shops and online!

Blowjob simulator sex toys

There’s nothing like lying back and letting an enthusiastic lover show you just how much they appreciate you. Get the experience on your own with these sex toys that feel like the real deal!

The Satisfyer Men Vibration Head Stimulator

This head stimulator doesn’t offer the up-down motions of a traditional blowjob, but rather, when you insert the head of your penis into the device, the vibrating silicone chamber creates suction-like sensations around you. You don’t even have to thrust or stroke to enjoy yourself —  just adjust the settings with the easy control buttons to find your favourite and ride the waves, hands-free!

The Maxtasy Suction Master Warming Vibrating Masturbator

This advanced sex toy’s lifelike blowjob sensations are powered by dual vibrating motors that vibrate in 10 patterns all around you and contract the sleeve in 10 suction patterns, which are independently controllable for tailor-made BJ bliss. The warming function heats the sleeve to a realistic in-mouth body temperature in just 60 seconds and goes perfectly with water-based lubricant to emulate all the saliva a partner would produce as their mouth waters for you!

Think of this oral masturbator as a super high-tech Fleshlight that does all the work for you, and we mean all the work — there’s even a hands-free Maxtasy masturbator harness (sold separately) to hold the toy against your body for you!

App-compatible sex toys

What’s better than an orgasmic toy? An orgasmic toy you (or a lover) can control from near or far with your smartphones! App-compatible vibrators and other sex toys are wireless, are often quiet enough to play with it in public (depending on their design), and usually let you program your own custom patterns in the app so you can play how you like…

The Lovense Nora Smart Rabbit Vibrator & Lovense Max 2 Contracting Masturbator

We’re featuring this adult toy duo together because of their special connection to each other through their unique Sync feature, which lets you control both toys at once! On the Lovense Remote app, you can activate the Long Distance Sex mode where your Nora Smart Rabbit Vibrator and Max 2 will not only sync up their settings together, but will also react to each other's movements so you can feel closer than ever, even while you're apart.

The We-Vibe Chorus Wearable Smart Vibrator

Is there anything worse during playtime than having to pause and fiddle around with control buttons on your toy? This can be especially annoying when your toy is inside you or between you and a partner. That’s why the app-compatibility of the We-Vibe Chorus is such a handy feature, and you can expect a reliable remote connection between your sex toy and the app thanks to AnkorLink™ technology that keeps the fun flowing!

Contactless air pulse sex toys

While the technology in these sex toys isn’t the latest one to hit the market, it has been undeniably popular since its inception in 2014’s Womanizer Premium, and for good reason. If you’re extremely sensitive to direct stimulation like vibration, sex toys that deliver contactless stimulation can be a better option for self-pleasure. These devices use pulsating air waves to change the air pressure around the body area you hold them against — this is usually the clitoris as some people with more sensitive clitorises can find traditional vibrating toys overwhelming, though there are also air pulse toy options for people with penises too!

The Rose Vibrator

This beautiful device may look innocent enough with its fun floral shape, but inside the petite petal-covered body, a whisper-quiet vibrating motor generates rotating airflow that perfectly mimics oral sex! The 10 tantalising clitoris-sucking modes are sure to have your toes curling and those orgasms blooming all night long…

The Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air™ Stroker

This electronic sex toy’s been letting men and people with penises experience the same Pleasure Air Technology that revolutionised adult sex toys via the aforementioned Womanizer Premium, and reviewers can’t get enough! The Arcwave Ion targets the frenulum or ‘F-spot’ under the head of the penis for an all new orgasmic sensation that can’t be achieved via stroking alone and lasts longer, is more intense, and has more varied build-up. Users have described it as the closest sensation a man can get to a female orgasm, and they’re also fans of this sex toy’s futuristic design that’s discreet enough to leave out on display!

Ergonomic sex toys

When you think of what you want out of your adult sex toys, ergonomic design might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but ergonomics is one of those often overlooked features that has a far bigger impact on the user experience than you might initially think. After all, who wants to be distracted by hand cramps or numb fingers while they’re trying to get off?

These days, we know a lot more about how our bodies naturally bend and what actions or movements are comfortable and safe for us to perform repetitively or over long periods of time, and the newest electronic sex toys are created with this in mind. In addition to being more comfortable to use, ergonomic designs also make for more accessible sex toys so more people can enjoy them!

The Vedo Yumi Rechargeable Lay-On Finger Vibrator

This compact 10-mode vibe has a contoured finger cradle that slots easily between your index and middle fingers for comfortably manoeuvring all over your body. The flat underside is great for broad coverage or you can target smaller pleasure zones with precision thanks to the nubby tip!

The Iroha Temari Handheld Vibrating Massager

Iroha is an ergonomic branch of the uber-famous Japanese brand TENGA® that deserves more recognition for its high-quality designs that favour discretion and user comfort. This spherical vibrating massager has a powerful yet near-silent motor inside a specially designed ergonomic base that decreases how much of the vibration is transmitted back to your hand. Not only does this help to reduce cramping and discomfort, it also doubles as a wireless charging base for easy power top-ups between play sessions!


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