Mouth-Watering Sex Is On the Menu! Discover the World of Flavour & Edible Bedroom Fun!

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Mouth-Watering Sex Is On the Menu! Discover the World of Flavour & Edible Bedroom Fun!

In our humble opinion, two of the greatest joys in life are good sex and good food (controversial, we know). Your mouth is a pretty key player in both of those activities, so what could be better than combining them for a sensual smörgåsbord of scrumptious flavours? After all, breakfast ain’t the only meal you can eat in bed, especially when the yummiest snack around is you… 😏

Why do people like edible sex stuff so much?

Food and sex actually have a lot in common — both are sensual, nourishing to our minds and bodies, and are extraordinarily versatile to cater to anybody’s tastes (literally)! Sigmund Freud was one of the first psychologists to analyse the link between sex and food, focusing on how hormones and impulses produced by the hypothalamus and the hippocampus created natural urges in humans towards eating and mating. Freud saw having appetites for both sexual and edible items as part of our instincts of self-preservation, since in order to be able to pass on our genes and continue the species’ survival, we need to feed and sow our seed, so to speak.

What edible items go well with sex?

Freudian theory aside, there’s just something excitingly novel about mixing culinary elements with carnal instincts. You can stick with traditional foods such as whipped cream on the nipples, drizzling melted chocolate on your bodies, or feeding each other fruit. You can also chill small round fruits like cherries or grapes in the fridge beforehand and roll them over your lover’s body, or keep it really simple with a standard ice cube to throw some temperature play into the mix as well — just be sure to wet the ice cube first so it doesn’t stick to the skin.

What can I use as an edible dildo or lubricant that’s safe for sex?

Look, we get it. Not everybody owns a dildo or wants to go and buy one from an adult store like Sexyland. However, when it comes to insertable adult toys, we strongly recommend that you only use ones that are crafted by reputable professionals and are made from body-safe materials in body-safe shapes that won’t get lost inside you (which is especially important if you’re planning on using your toy anally). If you must use something else, make sure it’s sturdy enough not to break and has a handle so you can retrieve it easily. You should also cover it with a condom before you get started.

For lubricants, as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to steer clear of introducing anything sugary to your genitals as this can upset your body’s pH balance and potentially lead to yeast infections. Even pure coconut oil, which has previously been widely touted as an efficient, cost-effective, and naturally flavoured edible lubricant, has its drawbacks (like disrupting the vagina's pH balance) when compared to proper edible lubricants that are formulated for that exact purpose. Oils are also known to break down condoms and can degrade soft, porous adult toys like those made from thermoplastic elastomer and rubber (TPE/TPR).

If you’d rather enjoy a flirty feast without all the fuss, Sexyland shops carry plenty of edible adult products from edible underwear to chocolate body paint that are specifically formulated for body-safe consumption so you can play with peace of mind! Here are some of our favourites:

SHIATSU Luxury Body Oil

It’s a good thing this massage oil is edible because the sumptuous scent alone would be enough to get anyone’s mouth watering! This edible massage oil comes in 8 flavours and is loaded with aphrodisiacs to help you both get in the mood. Your partner will adore being pampered by your rubdown while you indulge in reinvigorating flavours like Japanese Mint or Raspberry & Apple as you playfully lick, kiss, and nibble your way across their slick body…

ON Chocolate-Flavoured Female Arousal Oil

This delicious fluid will kick her orgasm into orbit while you get a tempting treat for your tastebuds! It creates a uniquely exciting pulsating, buzzing vibration-like sensation when applied to your or your partner’s clitoris, which boosts blood flow to increase arousal and heighten sensitivity to other stimulation. ON Arousal Oil can also make the recipient feel as though their natural self-lubrication has gone through the roof, which just adds even more flavour and fun to lap up!

Wicked® Aqua Birthday Cake Flavoured Water-Based Lubricant

Turn things into a real celebration between the sheets with this fun flavoured fluid! This edible lubricant is the newest to hit the shelves in Sexyland’s adult shops, giving your oral sex the taste of delicious birthday cake without any nasty aftertaste, stickiness, or tacky residue. Its water-based formula cleans up easily with plain water and the hypoallergenic vegan-friendly recipe is compatible with bodies, condoms, and toys so that everyone can party in their birthday suits all night long.

Sexyland’s adult stores are full of edible sex items and toys, as well as fun edible novelties for a tastier time between the sheets, so why not browse our spice racks and see what flavours you can add to your sex life? 😉


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